Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sexy Food Therapy

Heard of it? I hadn't either until I saw an ad slide by on my Facebook feed. Melissa Ramos is a certified nutritionist with a background in Chinese Medicine and a passion for hormone health. I'm so in love with her already. Add to that, she's Canadian and right around my age and funny as heck.

I joined her Facebook group Sexy Food Therapy Community. I've also joined a 5 day challenge she has starting on the 17th of January. It's a jump start to reset your hormones and I'm so ready for this.

Now I'm going to be honest, I've done some programs in the past that cleanse and detox and have had great results but as soon as I start living and eating the way I did before all the good stuff I gained is gone. Which makes sense, if I'm not doing different things then I'm not getting different results. I'm hoping here that I may find a few new habits to incorporate into my day that work for me.

For instance I suck at routinely taking supplements. I'm good for about 2 weeks and then I stop. And damn they're expensive! So I'm determined to really be serious about this and take them until I use up the bottle. I can reassess then and see if they're really worth it for me. I have a feeling taking a B complex and elemental magnesium may be game changers though.

I'm also serious about giving up coffee and seeing if it really is making me miserable. Or I could be miserable anyway and if that's true I'm going to Starbucks! In the meantime I'm trying this matcha latte from Sexy Food Therapy and adding hemp hearts. It's not coffee... But it's not disgusting either. I'm also going to start really hitting the lemon water.

I'll let you know how this challenge goes and please share your tips with me! What do you incorporate into your day that reduces cortisol (stress) and increases well being?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th!

Are you a person that believes in all the bad juju of  Friday the 13th? I'm not. Instead I like to see it as a day of freedom and indulgence.

When I celebrate Friday the 13th, I do things a little more on the wild side: like drink that extra glass of wine, read that steamy romance book, binge watch the whole series, eat all the chips, etc... Indulge in the shouldn'ts just a bit!

This Friday comes at the end of a few days of spectacular cold here in my part of Canada. We've had overnight temps of -30C with windchill values of over -46C. So cold! Crazy cold! Put on all the layers kind of cold. Thankfully we've also had a beautiful full moon the last few days too.

I keep trying to catch a picture of it with my iphone but it's so hard to get a good shot. It looked like a little white dot not the big luminous moon that I was actually seeing. Anyone have any tricks for taking moon pictures on an iphone? I have a good Canon camera sitting in it's case in the closet, I should really start to use that again.

So this full moon was a good for me. I was able to release a few things that aren't working for me and recommit to some that I've been slacking on and celebrate what I'm doing that is working.

For instance:

- I'm rocking my snowshoeing resolution. I've been out 4 of 12 times, a third down! I've gone solo, with Brent and with friends and it's been great. I'll be heading out hopefully a couple more times this weekend.

- I've been slacking on my yoga practice. This is sad. I love yoga. So I'll be getting on my mat tonight and hopefully everyday for the rest of this moon cycle.

- I'm letting go of the meditating every day for 365 days. That one was going to be a stretch and I knew I'd fail but I figured I'd go ahead and commit anyway because any bit of meditation is better than none right? I still plan on sitting on my cushion as often as possible but I'm not going to beat myself up if I miss a day or three...

It was too cold to be outside and create a ritual of letting go but as I drove to work in the morning I was bathed in moonlight the whole way (it was beautiful and distracting!) and I actually spoke my intentions out loud (I drive alone, haha). It was lovely and a great way to start my day.

Next New Moon: Friday January 27th
Next Full Moon: Friday February 10th

Thanks for stopping by :)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Pussy Hat Project

Have you heard about this? I'm so knitting a few of these!

They won't get there in time but I promise to wear mine on January 21st in solidarity and sisterhood with the many marching on Washington DC for Women's Rights.


Friday, January 6, 2017

Queue Review

Oh I haven't done a queue review in so long! I totally love the queue feature on Ravelry. I use it to bookmark the patterns I want to knit. But... I do curate it every so often to keep it current, otherwise I'd have pages and pages. If there's a pattern that's been on there for too long and I'm pretty sure I have no intention of knitting it I favourite it and delete it from the queue. Because honestly, sometimes when I queue things I'm just in a mood, or caught up in the excitement of a popular pattern or just covetous of the lifestyle the picture represents. And I change my mind. A lot. One of the perks of being a creative type I guess.

So I was checking out my Instagram feed this morning like I do and I saw this picture posted by Kate Davies...

I love this sweater! Like love it! Granted I love just about everything this woman designs, she's brilliant. The photos she posts are always beautiful too. Now this pattern is called The Oa and it's part of her Inspired by Islay Club which I just bought a subscription to because I want to be on Islay right now, or in Scotland, or anywhere where it's not -27C. Also I want to knit this sweater. And I want the book that comes at the end of the subscription period. Oooh I want a lot of things!

Another sweater I queued today but saw on Instagram a few days ago is this one by Bristol Ivy...

The pattern is called Winter Petrichor and it's the perfect winter ski chalet sweater... It's winter here... I could ski... therefore logically I should knit this pullover... It's cute and I could see myself wearing this with jeans. I even have a stove like the one in the picture... clearly it's meant to be.

The last pattern I'll post today I actually first saw on Pinterest. It's a hat pattern. I have a love/hate relationship with hats. I love the idea of wearing them but the reality never looks as good on me as I think it should. Also I always make them too small. Like every time. I've been knitting for awhile now, it's a bit frustrating that I can't get my sizing down...

Anyway this hat is beautiful and reversible! I think I have a grey fingering weight in my stash I could use for this too... The pattern is called Constellate by Hunter Hammersen. It's knit in Madeline Tosh, everything knit in Mad Tosh looks amazing, why is that?

So as always at the end of a queue review post... What's in your queue?

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Winter is the best time for blanket making. There's nothing like having a lap full of wool and warmth while I'm crafting. But... I think I have a problem. I`m pretty sure I have at least 5 blankets on the go and another one that I`m planning for.

Some are old WIPs and some are actually getting worked on but slowly. Of the old WIPs, 2 have been on the needles for more than 3 years. I`ve made a goal to get the crochet hexi blanket finished this year and I know that the big crochet granny square blanket will also be completed this year if I stick to my sock making plan. The other`s though...

hexi blanket

I have a quilt top for my niece that's sewn but not quilted. It's my first quilt and I'm totally intimidated by the idea of quilting it. I have another quilt on my vision board. I thought I'd quilt this one as I go and I have a small section done. I really think this will be a beautiful low volume quilt but I'm not inspired to finish it yet. I'm not as savvy with my sewing machine as I'd like to be and I'm honestly a little scared of it.

I'm excited to be starting a new blanket soon. I'm just gathering ideas and supplies right now. My son has been in the same daycare since he was a small baby and now that phase is almost over for our family. I'd like to make something for his caregiver. She's been amazing all these years and I'm so grateful for all the love she's given my littlest.

I'm thinking of a crochet ripple blanket in grey, white, rider green and black. It should be potato chip crafting and hopefully that will be all I need to finish it. I have most of the yarn already. I know once I start it though I won't be making anything else so I'll finish up a few other projects first.

Maybe this is why I live where winter is so long... So I have so much time to work on all these blankets!

granny square blanket