Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5K training week 6

Thank goodness it feels like spring is here! I'm so happy to shed layers when I'm outside and feel the warmth in the sun! So missed!

So last week wasn't a super week for running but I did get out twice. I went for a 4K run Wednesday morning and on Friday afternoon I took Josie out for a run with me. She likes to pull on the leash which is a pain for me but I know if I work on it, she'll get better. We managed to do close to 5K. That was fantastic because now I know I can do it and faster than I thought!

I'm not sure how this week will look though...
I meant to run Monday morning but I was too tired so I slept in...
I did run this morning (Tuesday) but only 3K...
I may run tomorrow morning (Wednesday) or...
I may run Thursday...
I'll probably take Friday as a rest day...
Saturday is my first 5K race...
And Sunday will probably be a rest day...

Anyway, I'm not too worried about it. I think as long as I get 3 runs in a week I'll be happy. Anything more is just a bonus. What I really need to work on is strength training. I have great intentions but no follow through! I have to work on that.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Recap and April Goals

March is over! I can't get over how fast time goes, really it's scary. I wish winter would go though. It seems to be hanging on. It's depressing.

I hit most of my March Goals, I'm shocked actually!

- run outside for 30 minutes at least 6 times - PASS - I ran more than 8 times and did over 30K!

- finish 2 wips - well I finished 1 wip and 3 projects so I'm going to say PASS

- blog once a week - PASS

- paint the living room - FAIL we're no where near painting yet, still mudding.

So what does April look like?

Hopefully like this...

Ah, that would be beautiful! I'm so sick of the cold weather! Down with the -20C windchills!

My April Goals are:
- run my first 5K race in under 45 minutes
- run 40-50K this month
- knit 3 baby sweaters
- knit 4 blanket squares for the Epic Sock Yarn Blanket
- blog at least 4 times
- do some strength training once a week

How about you? Did you pass on your March Goals? Got any April Goals?

Monday, March 24, 2014

5K Training Week 4

So how did I do last week?

I ran 2 days. So not great. I was still fighting this sore throat/cold thing that doesn't want to go away and winter came back! Like the crazy cold temps from last month. The weekend morning temps were -30 with the windchill and I don't want to run in that! So my long run didn't happen. I didn't do any yoga either. I really slacked off last week actually.

This week will be better...

Monday - rest
Tuesday -  run
Wednesday - run
Thursday - rest
Friday - run
Saturday - run
Sunday - rest

I have less than 3 weeks until my first race. If I can stick with running at least 3 days a week I think I'll be fine, not fast maybe but not embarassing either.

Monday, March 17, 2014

5K Training Week 3

Last week's training post can be found here.

Ok so last week was good and bad. I ran all the days I was supposed to except yesterday's long run. It was super windy, we had company and my throat was sore. Those are my excuses and while they felt legit at the time I wish I had gotten up earlier and just done it. Oh well, I'm trying the 5K run this Saturday instead.

The strength training on off days has been an utter fail. I did do yoga a few times. I'm hoping to take it more seriously this week.

On a fun note I went to Lululemon yesterday and bought running tights and a top. I like that I can ditch my sweatpants (hopefully it doesn't get cold like it did this past weekend, I'm done with the -20C windchills).

This week looks like this:

Monday - rest/abs
Tuesday - run
Wednesday - run
Thursday - rest/yoga
Friday - run
Saturday - 5K run
Sunday - rest/arms and legs

Monday, March 10, 2014

5K Training Week 2

So last week's schedule can be found here. I did all the runs even through snow and ice. The first run was hard, really hard. My right foot hurt and my lungs hurt. The next day my legs felt like they were going to fall off. I was a bit freaked out. I had to stop lacing my shoes so tight on the right, they made my toes go numb (so crazy)!

I thought Thursday's run would be terrible but it wasn't. I felt great afterwards and the soreness actually went away. I was going to skip it too because it was a crazy snow day. The running was tough and slippery but I'm just so glad I didn't give in to the excuses.

And then on Saturday (it was a busy tournament day for the kids, everyone going in different directions) I ran at 8am. It was so windy and that was tough, made my eyes water and I felt like I was running and not going anywhere (like they do in cartoons). Again, I felt wonderful when I was done. No pain, a bit stiff in the legs later but I felt justified having that second glass of wine that evening!

I have to admit to failing with the strength training though. I did yoga a few times but I didn't lift any weights. I think my general soreness/stiffness made me nervous to over do it.

This Week Looks Like This:

Monday - run day 30 minutes
Tuesday - yoga/legs
Wednesday - run day 30 minutes
Thursday - yoga/arms
Friday - run day 30 minutes
Saturday - yoga/abs
Sunday - run day - try a 5K

So how do you stay motivated and ignore the excuses? I'm looking for tips here, this is only week 2!