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Echo Park Virgin Trail Run

Hi! Picture heavy post coming up.

I drove out to Echo Valley Provincial Park with my family yesterday and got a run/hike in. It was so great! I'm completely going to incorporate this into my weekly training from now on. I can't wait to explore there more!

In the truck ready to adventure! It was so cold yesterday! Sunny but -5C with the wind. I'm over the cold thing... time for summer!

These ski trails and the hiking trails too could use better signage. Some places were not marked but obviously well kept. I'm really impressed with how well the trails are looked after!

Still waiting for the trees to bud out. Everything is looking pretty stark... The ticks are out now too (yuck), the upside, no mosquitoes!

I ran ahead most of the time and did some backtracking and looping to keep these 2 close. Josie the gsp pup must have ran triple her normal amount trying to stick with me and then chasing back to visit with the boys...

Went down the Mink Trail and hit one of the tenting…

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