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Sunday Recap

Hey there, it's Sunday again... time for another training recap and Happy Mother's Day!

So for the week of May 8th to the 14th:

Monday: PT session with Mallory
Duration: 1hr

Tuesday: Week 7 Run 1
Distance: 3.8k
Time: 29:07
Average Pace: 7:38/k
Notes: I was short on time before yoga so I went for a quick half hour run. The wind was pretty crazy and I really had to battle against it in some spots, the flip side to that is it helped push me along in spots too... Balance!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Duration: 1hr 30m
Notes: This was a long class, slow and deep hamstring and hip stretching. Very nice!

Wednesday: PT session with Mallory
Duration: 1hr
Notes: I worked hard this class and felt it the next day. I love that sore (but not in pain) feeling.

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Week 7 Run 2
Distance: 6.1K
Time: 45:44
Average Pace: 7:30/K
Notes: This was a hot and sweaty run. I forgot to bring water with me and felt the lack for sure.

Saturday: Rest Day (such a windy day!)

Sunday: Week 7 Run 3 - Mothe…

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