Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Out with the old and in with the new

As I mentioned in my last post, we got a new camper last summer. I've been ready for an upgrade for ages.

I loved the freedom that the old Vangaard gave us, it was a quirky vintage (old 1976, but still working) camper. The cold water worked and the bathroom was useable, great for storage. There was lots of storage space and Sam loved the bunk. I loved the windows and how light it was in there. It was small, 21ft long and easy to get into small camp sites, which are usually the best ones anyway.

It was also a pain in the bum. It was super heavy to pull and swayed in the wind (this is Saskatchewan, the wind is always blowing here). It was musty and the fridge would mould. I had to make up the beds every night and they were lumpy and uncomfortable. There was no hot water (not that that was an issue, we camp off grid usually anyway) and the awning was super hard to unroll and of course to roll back up. Random things would break or leak because they were old. Thankfully they were pretty easy to fix, there isn't any computer anything in these old campers. No sensors to mis read or just not work...

I mean I could have kept it and done a glamper reno but it just seemed like so much work for something we only use a few times a year.

Cue the visit to the travel RV sales place... because new and shiney...

Of course everything in there is freaking amazing and new and beautiful and expensive. And of course I forgot how little we actually camp when we were looking for our dream camper (under 25ft, queen bed, working bathroom, lots of storage space, big fridge)...

We found pretty much exactly what I wanted: 23 ft, tons of space, sleeping couch/bed for Sam, great kitchen, nice bed, amazing awning with led lights, outside speakers, solar capability, so much storage! A few things that weren't exciting: microwave and tv, tiny windows and extremely dark interior, no way to bypass or override fridge controls, cheap plastic fixtures, dealer stickers everywhere, everything has a light on it to tell you it's running so constant battery drainage...

So because my youngest is now too old for daycare and I don't have that monthly payment, why not buy an overly expensive camper and pay every 2 weeks for the rest of my life? Why indeed, sigh... I want to not regret this purchase because there is so much I love about this camper but if I'm being honest, well, I kinda do. So instead of dwelling on that and because there is no way we can sell it and come out ahead, I'm determined to make the best of it.

First thing: We are going to camp a lot more!

I am going to reno the interior of this camper whether Brent likes the idea or not... shhh... don't tell him!

I have plans to paint it white inside... gasp... I know, it's brand new, but frankly I don't care. I'm going to keep this thing forever. It could totally work for us for the next 20 or more years and since that's probably how long it will take to pay it off, I say paint it white!!!

I already made curtains for it because the original ones were pretty hideous. I threw down a rug I've had for 20 years that used to hang on my wall. Funny how it was so precious for so long and now it's living in the camper.

I'm planning some kind of wall art/hanging in various places all over and fairy lights because every space is better with fairy lights.

I'm undecided about the fate of the tv. It seems like a waste of space to me since we will never use it. I need to figure out a plan for that area though. It could be shelves for knick knacks or maybe some kitchen pantry/spice cabinet... I'm just not sure.

Even though there is a ton of cabinets and storage, they are big and deep cabinets. They need shelves to make them more useable, otherwise there is just a lot of empty space at the top.

I'm testing out command hooks in various places. What I like about them is they're not permanent. If they aren't working in that spot then I can move them.

I'm also determined to take off all the outside stickers and gross gluey mess they leave behind. My camper shouldn't be an advertisement for some dealership unless I'm getting paid to do that. So Glue-be-gone is my best friend.

The plan for next year isn't set in stone yet but I want to get out at least 4 times. Summer is a tough season for Brent, he's an electrician and self employed, it's his busiest time. I'd like to learn how to hook up and drive this thing though and then I can take Sam and go, Brent could meet us when he can. Plus it's bad ass for women to have skills like trailer hook ups and backing into sites. I can do it! Ha ha. I think I can anyway!

I'm still researching the places I'd like to see. There are so many and most revolve around hiking and running trails. Seriously the best part of camping is the exploring... and the campfire food...

Are you a camper? Any favourite things to do and eat while out? Have you ever made a large purchase that you regret? Any tips for camper reno's? Leave me a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are.

Cheers and happy camping!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Well, Hello

It's funny how this blog ebbs and flows, or maybe coughs and stutters...

I love the idea of writing regularly but I find that it's like anything else I do, inspired for a time and then a chore later and eventually abandoned. I think it's because I put these expectations around what I'm doing and it just feels so rigid and tight. It's also themed and scheduled and I rebel against that after a while.

So I changed the name of my blog to reflect my rambling nature which I think will allow me to go off on tangents like I do. It's permission to follow my curiosity. And I'm curious by nature. A life long student, I love getting into something new and throwing myself 120% all in. For days, weeks, months, I soak in everything I can. Then when I'm at least proficient, I get distracted by something else... The cycle starts again... lather, rinse, repeat...

The older I get the more accepting I am of this part of myself. It can be annoying to those around me when I'm in the middle of the learning process. I just get so excited! Hopefully I can pour and temper some of that here. Or fuel it!

I have no real plan or format for this reincarnation of the blog. I do think I'll be posting when ever I feel like it. Could be once a week or more or less. I don't want to feel like I need to schedule posts or put something out there if I have nothing to say.

How 'bout a little catch up?

I'm currently doing some big renovations in my house. We're redoing our kitchen and I can't wait to write some posts about it! This reno has really got me excited about revamping the rest of the house. My living room was done a few years ago and I want to update it a bit... I've also discovered an online auction business in my small town. I have found so many treasures especially suited to the farmhouse look I'm going for.

My crafting life is still rich, I'm knitting and quilting. I'm just finishing my first official quilt and I'm in love. I think I love this quilt so much because of all the mistakes and imperfections. Really, don't look too closely... it's pretty awful but I'm so pleased with it anyway! I'm really wanting to make my own couch slipcover out of a dropcloth... and paint and distress some furniture, and recover an old ratty ottoman. I could list a million things I want to make. If I could find a way to make a living making, I would... My problem is I want to make all the things! All right now!

I've recently changed my diet to a keto/low carb/primal/paleo way of eating. I'm eliminating pretty much 100% of the processed food in my life and trying to find a balance between low carb and still eating a plant based diet. I do eat meat, I'm not interested in giving it up but I'm struggling with the whole macro thing a bit. I've also gotten serious about fasting. I aim for a 16-18 hour fast everyday. That's actually easy for me, I've never been a good breakfast eater.

As for excercise, well I had high hopes this year of running a 50k. It didn't happen. I did have a great 6 months of running though. I improved so much and enjoyed the heck out of it. I've not run since June. I miss it. I plan to get back to it soon. I'd also like to incorporate more strength into my life too. Not crazy lifting, I'm not enough of a gym rat for that, but maybe some body weight stuff at home. We'll see how that goes. Also winter is coming, like it came already, snowed, froze, melted, is warm right now but I'm not holding my breath, it's going to be a long one I can feel it. So with that in mind, I'm determined to get out skating and snowshoeing. I'd also like to ski with Sam a few times.

What else? Well I'm still a picture taking maniac. I love it, it's fun. We've been camping (sold the old Vangaard, got a new camper, will tell all soon). Been back to BC to visit a few times. Not much travel other than that.

The places I haunt...

My Pinterest account is a great source of inspiration for me. I'm a prolific pinner. It's embarasing but true...

I'm most active on Instagram. I post in bursts, just like I blog. I follow some great accounts that inspire me and I chase hashtags that fuel the creativity and fire of whatever I'm geeking out on. Right this moment it's farmhouse decor and handquilting...

I still have a Ravelry account and I while I'm not knitting as voraciously as I have in the past, I still use Rav all the time. It's the best knitting resource there is. I'm not active on the forums but I still queue patterns and add the odd new project to my page.

I think that's it for this post. It's taken me most of the morning to redesign and format this blog, blogger is pretty easy to navigate, thank goodness. I also had to download around 1200 pictures off my phone and onto my laptop so I could add a few... That's a process too... Anyway, thanks for reading this far.

Have you found yourself ready to revisit old interests? How do you reinvent yourself after a time away from blogging or social media? Are you a curiosity chaser?  Let me know in the comments below. Catch you next time.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Recap

Hey there, it's Sunday again... time for another training recap and Happy Mother's Day!

So for the week of May 8th to the 14th:

Monday: PT session with Mallory
Duration: 1hr

Tuesday: Week 7 Run 1
Distance: 3.8k
Time: 29:07
Average Pace: 7:38/k
Notes: I was short on time before yoga so I went for a quick half hour run. The wind was pretty crazy and I really had to battle against it in some spots, the flip side to that is it helped push me along in spots too... Balance!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Duration: 1hr 30m
Notes: This was a long class, slow and deep hamstring and hip stretching. Very nice!

Wednesday: PT session with Mallory
Duration: 1hr
Notes: I worked hard this class and felt it the next day. I love that sore (but not in pain) feeling.

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Week 7 Run 2
Distance: 6.1K
Time: 45:44
Average Pace: 7:30/K
Notes: This was a hot and sweaty run. I forgot to bring water with me and felt the lack for sure.

Saturday: Rest Day (such a windy day!)

Sunday: Week 7 Run 3 - Mother's Day
Distance: 9.4K
Time: 1:08:44
Average Pace: 7:17/K
Notes: I went out early before the wind started and I'm so glad I did because it sure has picked up to gale force again. We've had the windiest spring this year. It makes for tough running. I brought water and that was perfect. If I had realized how close I was to 10k I would've kept going around another few blocks! Oh well. It was a good run.

Total distance this week: 19.3K
Total time: 2h 23m

Question Time:

How do you train in bad weather? Outside? Inside?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Running Recap

Another week of training in the books. And the spring weather is so fantastic! It's getting hot now and I love it! Makes running more difficult though. I need to underdress more and carry water with me. Also there are bugs flying around now... some hit me, some miss me, and some get too close for comfort...

Anyway for the week of May 1st - May 7th:

Monday - Personal Training with Mal
Duration: 1hr
Notes: this round is killer on my upper arms and quads...

Tuesday - Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Surya Yoga
Duration: 1hr 15min
Notes: still loving yoga and wishing I could make myself do more during the week but that hasn't happened yet

Wednesday - Week 6 Run 1
Distance: 5.3K
Time: 40:12
Average Pace: 7:34/k
Notes: I felt tired and like this run was a slog but my stats on Strava looked good... Not sure why I felt this way but even a lousy run is good training I guess

PT with Mal
Duration: 1hr
Notes: I was really tired after a 45 minute HIIT session with Mallory and the run earlier! My whole body is exhausted after I step out of her gym!

Thursday - Rest Day

Friday - Week 6 Run 2
Distance: 4.4K
Time: 32:42
Average Pace: 7:17/k
Notes: Hottest day ever! It was 24C when I started and maybe 26C when I finished. Sam had a hockey tournament in the city so I didn't run long but that was ok with me! So sweaty! I realised during this run that I need to wear shorts and a tank and figure out how to carry water with me because I was overheated!

Saturday - Rest Day

added a run to the Bell Barn to my Perimeter Run

Sunday - Week 6 Run 3 - long run
Distance: 8.7k
Time: 1:05:36
Average Pace: 7:32/k
Notes: My goal for this run was to hit the 1 hour mark. I'm going to try to make Sunday's my "long run" day... For the next few weeks just running for an hour is good enough for me... after that I'll try adding in some more distance/time... I also wanted to test out my new handheld water bottle by Nathan. I like it so far. Glad to have water with me when it gets hot. I think I may buy another for the left hand (I held it on my right this run) because I can see how it would be great to have water in one hand and electrolyte mix in the other, especially if it's hot when I'm out on my long runs. Over this summer they will increase in length from 1 hour to 2 and half at least...

Brent loves me and makes breakfasts like this! So amazing! There are 2 pancakes under all those peaches.

So my total distance for this week: 18.5K
Total time: 2hr 18min

Question Time

Do you carry water on your runs and if you do what's your favourite way to do it, handheld, hydration belt, vest? If you don't carry water, do you plan your runs around water breaks or fountains or home? Do you stash water somewhere along your planned route? 

Monday, May 1, 2017

April Recap and May Goals 2017

Hello everyone! I can't believe the month is over, it went by so quickly. April started off with chilly days (-11C windchills) and warmed up to 17C and then snowed! Lots! And it got cold again, and just now at the end of the month it warmed up to 18C. Crazy rollercoaster for sure! I've run in snow gear and shorts all within a few days... So is spring in Canada...

So my April goals were:
  • 6-8 PT sessions with Mal - We did 6!
  • Yoga class once a week and possible home sessions if the studio is closed - I did 3 classes (one at home) 
  • 12-15 walk/runs about 30-45 minutes in length - 13 training runs!!!
  • 45-50k monthly total (this feels like a big number but it can happen) - Smashed this 62K!!!
  • 10-12 Zombie! Run! missions - 7 runs with the app, sometimes having too many apps running at the same time is just loud and annoying...
  • Finish 4 more weeks of C25K training (my app says by the end of the month I'll be running 25 minutes straight. I find that so incredible I'm not sure I can even write that down as a goal... I do think I will be running 10 minutes followed by 1 minute walking breaks but I'll throw it out here anyway) - I quit using the app the first week into the month, I was struggling with a sore right hip and shin splints and I felt the app was moving quicker that my body could adapt, so I'm following my Coach's plan and am up to running 5:1 run/walk intervals with no pain, mind you I ran on the treadmill on Friday and did a 15 minute run, 3 minute walk, 15 minute run followed by a cool down (super proud of that!)...

So I accomplished half of what I set out to do. I'm good with that. I'm running stronger everyday and I'm really pleased with my progress. I hit so close to my 5K PB the other day (35:50 from 2014) and I'm really excited to blast it out of the water by the end of May at the Perogy Run. 

My May goals are:

  • 6-8 PT session with my coach
  • 12-14 training runs
  • trail running every sunday
  • yoga every tuesday or at home when the studio is closed
  • run 75K this month
  • 10 zombie runs
  • PR at my 5k race on May 27th the Montmartre Perogy Run

Question Time:

Did you hit your goals this past month? Do you have a new list for May? 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Running Recap

Howdy! How's your Sunday going? Get outside today? We sure did, lots of pictures at the end of this post!

Here is my recap for the week of April 24th to the 30th:

Monday - Rest Day - but I moved the university student back home for the summer and I had a chiropractor appointment to work on my right hip, he was so excellent and I think it really helped...

Tuesday - Rest Day - had an extra long work day, training that went so much longer than I planned for, tired aching feet... no yoga, boo

Wednesday - Pt session 9 - first session of the new workout plan, lots of lateral strengthening movements and heavier weights and back work! And OMG the core work was hard!
Duration: 1hr

Thursday - Rest Day -  drove up to Saskatoon after work for some professional development courses and hit the mall... shopping can be fun :)

Friday - Early morning hotel treadmill run, Week 5 Run 1
time: 40m
I did a 2 minute warm up, ran 15 minutes, walked 3 minutes, ran 15 minutes and cooled down for 5 minutes... the treadmill was slightly broken I think, it didn't record a distance (or maybe I couldn't figure out how display it) I felt great and strong but really sweaty! I can't believe I can run 15 minutes straight on a treadmill! Now to do that out on the road!

Saturday - Week 5 Run 2
Distance: 5.4K
Time: 40:24
Average Pace: 7:28/k
I hit really close to my 5K PB on this run! It's from my very first 5k, 3 years ago. I ran it April and it was cold and rainy and miserable and I came in at 35:50... I think I could beat this soon, I ran a 36:43 according to Strava! So excited about that!!! Plus the weather was cool but so bright and sunny. Just what I needed at the end of a long week. And another plus, someone littered bows along the side of the road, made me think about running being a gift and about the nerve of some people littering... Like who does that?

Sunday: Family trail hike/run
Distance: 8.4K
Time: 1:27:18
Average Pace: 10:23/k
Went out to Echo Provincial Park again... walked the first half with the boys and ran the uphills, ran the last bit quite a lot... was a beautiful day today!

So my total distance for this week: 13.8k (I could add another 3-4k from that treadmill run I think so lets say it's actually about 17k)
Total time: 3hrs 27min

Question Time:

Do you run on a treadmill? At home, the gym? Or do you prefer running outside?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Echo Park Virgin Trail Run

Hi! Picture heavy post coming up.

I drove out to Echo Valley Provincial Park with my family yesterday and got a run/hike in. It was so great! I'm completely going to incorporate this into my weekly training from now on. I can't wait to explore there more!

In the truck ready to adventure! It was so cold yesterday! Sunny but -5C with the wind. I'm over the cold thing... time for summer!

These ski trails and the hiking trails too could use better signage. Some places were not marked but obviously well kept. I'm really impressed with how well the trails are looked after!

Still waiting for the trees to bud out. Everything is looking pretty stark... The ticks are out now too (yuck), the upside, no mosquitoes!

I ran ahead most of the time and did some backtracking and looping to keep these 2 close. Josie the gsp pup must have ran triple her normal amount trying to stick with me and then chasing back to visit with the boys...

Went down the Mink Trail and hit one of the tenting areas close to Pasqua Lake. Such a pretty spot to camp! But I don't think our trailer would fit here. I'd be willing to tent it though, bring the kayak and do some running... That might be a perfect summer weekend getaway!

Decided to follow this trail back up to the truck...

This lake looks so lovely! I can't wait to get the kayak on it!

So I've been thinking about doing stair workouts (like this one or this one from the Tone It Up gals, super great free workout content and such a fun vibe!) for awhile now but there are no stairs big enough in my town. This set will be perfect! Shallow at the bottom and normal at the top. I can do these! They were fun!

 View from the top

The ginger fella died at the top of the hills... It was kinda funny... They were steep though! A nice burn for the quads and good practice to run up.

There were lots of trails to choose from. Next time I'll do all the cross country ski trails up on top of the valley first and then hit the hiking trails by Pasqua Lake. I'm really stoked about exploring these this summer!

And of course when you spend almost 7k running trails you order the biggest messiest burger in town, thank you JV for your mozza, mushroom, bacon burger! So good!

Here are a few Strava stats for you:
Distance: 6.8K
Time: 1hr 40sec
Average Pace: 8:52/K
Calories: 448

My fastest 1K split was 6:09, pretty sure that was the all downhill part of the trail!
My fastest 1 mile was 10:39.

There was an 82m elevation gain and a max elevation of 574m

My fitbit said I did 54 flights of stairs and my average heart rate was 147bpm although I got up to 172bpm...

My resting bpm for the rest of the day was 52! So funny!

Well it was fun! I plan on getting over there (it's about a 30-45 minute drive) once a week. I'm determined to trail run as often as I can this season. This was a great start!

Question Time: How are the trails where you live? Have a favourite? Any worth driving to?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Running Recap

Hello! How's your week been? I've had a pretty great week! Lots of training and good work days... Next week is looking really busy with Beth moving back home from university and training at the new office and a trip to 'Stoon on Thursday. How I'm going to fit all my running in, well, I'm not so sure but why worry? I'll just have to take it a day at a time.

My week of April 17th to the 23rd looked like this:

Monday: Week 4 Run 1 - 3:1 Run/Walk
distance: 5.3K
time: 42:07
average pace: 7:50/k
notes: ran around Wascana at lunch again... windy windy day...

Tuesday: Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Duration: 1hr 15min
Notes: lots of great stretching, lunges, chataranga, etc...

Wednesday: Week 4 Run 2
distance: 4.3k
time: 35:34
average pace: 8:08/k
Notes: did a bit more walking than I normally would, I had Sam riding his bike beside me and chatting a lot for the first half. I enjoy listening to him but I missed a few of my interval beeps so my run/walk ration was off. Also it was raining. Not that I minded that at all. It was lovely out.

Thursday: Pt session 8
duration: 1hr
notes: this was my last pt session of this series. We went over the fitness test that I did when I first started last month. I've gained so much strength and endurance! I signed up for another series of 8. Pretty stoked about that!

Friday: Week 4 Run 3
distance: 5.3K
time: 40:56
average pace: 7:37/k
Notes: love seeing how much better I'm getting! Being a newbie runner is the best! Lol, I envy everyone that can run long and without struggling like I feel I do but I know I'll get there eventually. Also I'm impressed that I can run after a pt session... Beer and pretzels tasted great!

Saturday: Rest
Notes: Moved Beth back home today, lots of lifting and walking so kinda a workout?! Ha ha

Sunday: Easy long run... On the trails in Echo Park! Post and pictures to follow!
distance: 6.8K
time: 1hr 40sec
average page: 8:52/k

total weekly distance: 21.9k
total time: 2hr 59min

Question Time:

Hey have you tried the new Starbucks Unicorn Frappaccino? I'm not a sugary drink gal (not even pop) but I saw this on Facebook and thought if I could get my hands on it I'd totally down one! What's your favourite gel flavour, brand?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Recap

For the week of April 10th to the 16th:

Hello. How's your week been? Hopefully great and full of movement and fun. I've had a good week I'd say, great actually for my mind and fitness, maybe not so much for my running.

I started off the week still really battling with this right outer shin pain and right hip discomfort. So much so that my run on Tuesday was a slog and just painful. I made the decision to pull back on running and maybe just do 2 runs this week, concentrate on cross training and rest.

Later on Tuesday I went to a vinyasa flow yoga class at my local studio Surya Yoga. It was freaking fantastic. I forgot how much I love yoga and how great a teacher Robin is. I also forgot how much my body loves yoga! And needs it! I went into the class not sure how much flexibility I've lost (not that much thankfully) and with my shin still aching. By the end of the class the shin pain was gone and my hips felt loose. I really needed that apparently. Somehow I need to carve out more stretching and yoga time in my week.

I went to my 6th personal training session with coach Mal on Wednesday and we went easy on the cardio (bouncing was still painful) and upped the weights. I honestly feel like I die a little in her sessions, I work as hard as I can but pushups still suck... I think I'm getting stronger though. I did my next PT session on Friday and I felt pain free and great. It was a tough workout and I think I rocked it. I sure sweat a lot now!

pic from my run on Saturday

So the stats look like this:

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Week 3, Run 2
Distance: 3.6K
Time: 31:21
Average Pace: 8:40/K

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Duration: 1h 15min

Wednesday: PT session 6
Duration: 1hr

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: PT session 7
Duration: 1hr

Saturday: Week 3 Run 3
Distance: 4.1K
Time: 32:18
Average Pace: 7:52/K

Yoga - 60 Minute Deep Stretch Yoga (YouTube)
Duration: 1hr

Sunday: Advanced Deep Stretch Yoga Class (YouTube)
Duration: 1hr 13min

Brent says I'm doing too much that's why I keep battling injuries. He's probably right (don't tell him I said that) I do tend to jump into things 150%. I think regular yoga is going to be key for me to stay pain free. I'm determined to build my fitness level and my running. I gots goals people! I gots goals!

Question Time: What do you do to cross train? Do you love yoga too? Got a favourite style?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Running Recap

For the week of April 3rd to April 9th, 2017...

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Week 4 Day 1 C25K
Distance: 4.4K
Time: 37:05
Average Pace: 8:23/K
Notes: This was a great and a lousy run. The great part was the day was beautiful, and I brought my running gear to work in case we had a long cancellation and we did, right before lunch! Worked out so well, I'll be bringing my gear to work more often just in case. I got to run around Wascana Lake in  Regina and it was so lovely. This is part of the route of my half marathon in September so I'm sure I'll be trying to run it more often in the future. OK, so the lousy part... I don't think this Couch to 5k app plan that I'm following is a gradual enough plan to prevent injury. By the end of this month it has me running 25 minutes straight and I just don't think that's doable for me. I was doing 4 minute runs followed by 3 minute walking breaks and my right shin literally said no way. I'm not interested in nursing shin splints. I think I need to go back to running 2-3 minutes and walking for a minute. That seems more manageable...

Wednesday: PT session 5 with Coach Mal
Time: 1hr
Notes: We went easy on cardio and concentrated on upper body and lots of squats and lunges. Started using 15lb weights on many of the sets...

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Week 3 Run 1 of Coach Mal's Plan to 10K
Distance: 4.1K
Time: 34:10
Average Pace: 8:11/k
Notes: I haven't been following her plan because of the app but now I think I'm going to. It feels like it'll be a kinder way of establishing a base without hurting myself. So I ran 2 minutes, walked 1 minute intervals for 10 sets. My right leg is still a bit wonky and imbalanced but it felt better. Resting it for 4 days made a difference I think.

Sleek & Sexy Upper Body Workout
Notes: I love Tone It Up and they have their Bikini Series Challenge starting up soon. Go sign up, it's free! My PT sessions will be done in a few weeks, just in time for the Bikini Challenge.

I'm super excited that Yoga with Robin starts on Tuesday! Yay!

I'm bummed I'm still struggling with nagging pain. I keep thinking it has to get better soon. I'm starting week 6 of training and I guess that's not very long but I feel like I should be so much farther ahead than I am... This is the mantra I keep repeating to myself right now... Fitness takes time...

Question Time: 

How do you deal with impatience when trying to achieve a goal?

Do you have any tricks to staying motivated and positive?

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April 2017 Running Goals

I'm behind writing this post, it's already April!

I wanted to list a few goals for this month. If I get carried away no worries, I'm not one to beat myself up if I don't achieve everything, it's more for inspiration...

  • 6-8 PT sessions with Mal
  • Yoga class once a week and possible home sessions if the studio is closed
  • 12-15 walk/runs about 30-45 minutes in length
  • 45-50k monthly total (this feels like a big number but it can happen)
  • 10-12 Zombie! Run! missions
  • Finish 4 more weeks of C25K training (my app says by the end of the month I'll be running 25 minutes straight. I find that so incredible I'm not sure I can even write that down as a goal... I do think I will be running 10 minutes followed by 1 minute walking breaks but I'll throw it out here anyway)

This a great quote I found. I made 2 kids, I can totally run a half marathon! And next year the full!

Out with the old and in with the new

As I mentioned in my last post, we got a new camper last summer. I've been ready for an upgrade for ages. I loved the freedom that the...