About Me

It's a bit hard to know what to say!

I'm a 30 something mom of 2, the Superstar and Mr. Man. They both have a big role on this blog because they play a big part in my life! I love to share what they're up to but at the same time respect their right to privacy. I know our families would probably like to see more of them and less of the knitting!

I have a partner named B and we live in Saskatchewan, Canada. He has his own electrical business, Aspen Electric, that he and his partner started in the spring of 2011. I'm a dental assistant and I landed a fabulous job with the local dentist. So now we can both work in the town we live and play in. Quite a feat considering there are about 2000 people here! We don't have any pets right now but I'm sure that will change as the kids get older and we get more settled. I'm gunning for a dog, B is wanting some fish. I'm thinking he'll probably win.

Our home is a big 4 bedroom 2 story century house. We are currently (and quite possibly forever) restoring it to it's former glory. It's slow going, what with ancient wiring and lathe and plaster walls. The pluses far out weigh any problems though. I love this house, it has history and presence. I'm honored to be living here. As I reno, I'll post before and after pictures on the blog and try to document the process. Again, it's going to be a long term project, probably the rest of my life!

I'm an avid knitter. I learned how to knit when I pregnant with my son. I got a learn to knit kit from my parents at christmas and after my Mom showed me how to cast on and knit and purl, I was off! I've been knitting like crazy ever since. It really is an obsession and passion. I always have something on the go and my knitting corner has invaded the house. There's knitting everywhere! 

I'm very active on Ravelry.com, a truly amazing knitting/crochet website. I moderate 2 groups there, Itty Bitty Knits and the Knitting Knirvana Video Podcast group. Both are sources of much pleasure. I love the friendships I've made online and the support and inspiration are extraordinary! I've also started a Knit Night in my town with a handful of other knitters. Right now we meet at the library on Wednesday nights to catch up with each other, knit, crochet, teach, learn and just have fun. It's very informal and if you are in the area, please join us!

While knitting is my passion, I have many other interests:

 - I love to garden and feel strongly about growing my own food and supporting local farmers. I support heirloom vegetables and seeds and belong to The Seeds of Diversity Canada. Check out their website. They're doing great things to protect our natural food sources and helping to secure GMO free food for us all.

- We lucked into a pair of Kayaks in the fall of 2010. I'm so excited to get out on the water and explore the lakes and rivers in Saskatchewan! I'm hoping to take some classes to get my skills up and maybe eventually to go on a kayaking adventure trip. We also bought a very ancient camper trailer and use it every opportunity we get. I love camping, it's a great way to get outside with the kids and use the GPS to do some Geocaching and hiking.

- I'd love to get more into photography. B got me a great camera for my birthday years ago and I like to play with it. I take a lot of pictures of yarn and knitting, but also flowers, kids, and family outings. One day I'll take some classes and really hone my techniques.

- A few more things, I love to read and belong to a book club in town with some fabulous spunky ladies. I'm a big fan of good strong black coffee in the morning and a cup of herbal tea in the evening, especially green or chai tea! Dark chocolate and potato chips are my guilty pleasures! Thank goodness for the elliptical trainer!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my bio, I guess I had something to say after all!

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