Sunday Running Recap

Howdy! How's your Sunday going? Get outside today? We sure did, lots of pictures at the end of this post!

Here is my recap for the week of April 24th to the 30th:

Monday - Rest Day - but I moved the university student back home for the summer and I had a chiropractor appointment to work on my right hip, he was so excellent and I think it really helped...

Tuesday - Rest Day - had an extra long work day, training that went so much longer than I planned for, tired aching feet... no yoga, boo

Wednesday - Pt session 9 - first session of the new workout plan, lots of lateral strengthening movements and heavier weights and back work! And OMG the core work was hard!
Duration: 1hr

Thursday - Rest Day -  drove up to Saskatoon after work for some professional development courses and hit the mall... shopping can be fun :)

Friday - Early morning hotel treadmill run, Week 5 Run 1
time: 40m
I did a 2 minute warm up, ran 15 minutes, walked 3 minutes, ran 15 minutes and cooled down for 5 minutes... the treadmill was slightly broken I think, it didn't record a distance (or maybe I couldn't figure out how display it) I felt great and strong but really sweaty! I can't believe I can run 15 minutes straight on a treadmill! Now to do that out on the road!

Saturday - Week 5 Run 2
Distance: 5.4K
Time: 40:24
Average Pace: 7:28/k
I hit really close to my 5K PB on this run! It's from my very first 5k, 3 years ago. I ran it April and it was cold and rainy and miserable and I came in at 35:50... I think I could beat this soon, I ran a 36:43 according to Strava! So excited about that!!! Plus the weather was cool but so bright and sunny. Just what I needed at the end of a long week. And another plus, someone littered bows along the side of the road, made me think about running being a gift and about the nerve of some people littering... Like who does that?

Sunday: Family trail hike/run
Distance: 8.4K
Time: 1:27:18
Average Pace: 10:23/k
Went out to Echo Provincial Park again... walked the first half with the boys and ran the uphills, ran the last bit quite a lot... was a beautiful day today!

So my total distance for this week: 13.8k (I could add another 3-4k from that treadmill run I think so lets say it's actually about 17k)
Total time: 3hrs 27min

Question Time:

Do you run on a treadmill? At home, the gym? Or do you prefer running outside?


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