Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Running Recap

Another week of training in the books. And the spring weather is so fantastic! It's getting hot now and I love it! Makes running more difficult though. I need to underdress more and carry water with me. Also there are bugs flying around now... some hit me, some miss me, and some get too close for comfort...

Anyway for the week of May 1st - May 7th:

Monday - Personal Training with Mal
Duration: 1hr
Notes: this round is killer on my upper arms and quads...

Tuesday - Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Surya Yoga
Duration: 1hr 15min
Notes: still loving yoga and wishing I could make myself do more during the week but that hasn't happened yet

Wednesday - Week 6 Run 1
Distance: 5.3K
Time: 40:12
Average Pace: 7:34/k
Notes: I felt tired and like this run was a slog but my stats on Strava looked good... Not sure why I felt this way but even a lousy run is good training I guess

PT with Mal
Duration: 1hr
Notes: I was really tired after a 45 minute HIIT session with Mallory and the run earlier! My whole body is exhausted after I step out of her gym!

Thursday - Rest Day

Friday - Week 6 Run 2
Distance: 4.4K
Time: 32:42
Average Pace: 7:17/k
Notes: Hottest day ever! It was 24C when I started and maybe 26C when I finished. Sam had a hockey tournament in the city so I didn't run long but that was ok with me! So sweaty! I realised during this run that I need to wear shorts and a tank and figure out how to carry water with me because I was overheated!

Saturday - Rest Day

added a run to the Bell Barn to my Perimeter Run

Sunday - Week 6 Run 3 - long run
Distance: 8.7k
Time: 1:05:36
Average Pace: 7:32/k
Notes: My goal for this run was to hit the 1 hour mark. I'm going to try to make Sunday's my "long run" day... For the next few weeks just running for an hour is good enough for me... after that I'll try adding in some more distance/time... I also wanted to test out my new handheld water bottle by Nathan. I like it so far. Glad to have water with me when it gets hot. I think I may buy another for the left hand (I held it on my right this run) because I can see how it would be great to have water in one hand and electrolyte mix in the other, especially if it's hot when I'm out on my long runs. Over this summer they will increase in length from 1 hour to 2 and half at least...

Brent loves me and makes breakfasts like this! So amazing! There are 2 pancakes under all those peaches.

So my total distance for this week: 18.5K
Total time: 2hr 18min

Question Time

Do you carry water on your runs and if you do what's your favourite way to do it, handheld, hydration belt, vest? If you don't carry water, do you plan your runs around water breaks or fountains or home? Do you stash water somewhere along your planned route? 

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