April Recap and May Goals 2017

Hello everyone! I can't believe the month is over, it went by so quickly. April started off with chilly days (-11C windchills) and warmed up to 17C and then snowed! Lots! And it got cold again, and just now at the end of the month it warmed up to 18C. Crazy rollercoaster for sure! I've run in snow gear and shorts all within a few days... So is spring in Canada...

So my April goals were:
  • 6-8 PT sessions with Mal - We did 6!
  • Yoga class once a week and possible home sessions if the studio is closed - I did 3 classes (one at home) 
  • 12-15 walk/runs about 30-45 minutes in length - 13 training runs!!!
  • 45-50k monthly total (this feels like a big number but it can happen) - Smashed this 62K!!!
  • 10-12 Zombie! Run! missions - 7 runs with the app, sometimes having too many apps running at the same time is just loud and annoying...
  • Finish 4 more weeks of C25K training (my app says by the end of the month I'll be running 25 minutes straight. I find that so incredible I'm not sure I can even write that down as a goal... I do think I will be running 10 minutes followed by 1 minute walking breaks but I'll throw it out here anyway) - I quit using the app the first week into the month, I was struggling with a sore right hip and shin splints and I felt the app was moving quicker that my body could adapt, so I'm following my Coach's plan and am up to running 5:1 run/walk intervals with no pain, mind you I ran on the treadmill on Friday and did a 15 minute run, 3 minute walk, 15 minute run followed by a cool down (super proud of that!)...

So I accomplished half of what I set out to do. I'm good with that. I'm running stronger everyday and I'm really pleased with my progress. I hit so close to my 5K PB the other day (35:50 from 2014) and I'm really excited to blast it out of the water by the end of May at the Perogy Run. 

My May goals are:

  • 6-8 PT session with my coach
  • 12-14 training runs
  • trail running every sunday
  • yoga every tuesday or at home when the studio is closed
  • run 75K this month
  • 10 zombie runs
  • PR at my 5k race on May 27th the Montmartre Perogy Run

Question Time:

Did you hit your goals this past month? Do you have a new list for May? 


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