March 2017 Running Recap

Well my first serious month of training is done! I'm so proud of myself for getting this far.

So here's what I did in March:

  • ran/walked 25k!
  • got 3 personal training sessions in with Coach Mal
  • got thru the first 3 weeks of the C25K program
  • signed up for the Queen City Half Marathon in September
  • signed up for the Stampede with the Broncs 5K in June
  • signed up for the Perogy 5K Run in May
  • completed 6 missions from season 1 of the Zombies! Run! app. (I love this game! So much so I paid for the entire 5 seasons. I've only ever run season 1 and cannot wait to run the other missions! I also bought the hat. I'll share a pic when it arrives)
  • joined an online running group on facebook coached by Mal (I'm not totally following her plan as I'm doing a C25K app on my phone but I am following her guidelines for training/rest/cross training/stretching/eating/etc... Plus it's nice to cheer everyone and see them meet their goals. Really inspiring on those days that I'm dragging my butt.

I don't think I missed anything. It feels great to be taking my fitness seriously for the first time in, well in ever. 

After writing this all down now I feel like a celebratory glass of wine...

Question time: How did you smash your March Goals? Do you make goals for yourself every month? How do you celebrate when you've done amazing things? 


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