Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunday Running Recap

Hey there, picture heavy post for you today! I had a great week training and the weather is getting warmer everyday, which makes me happy. I had some meetings in the city for work this weekend so I got some city running in to. Good times!

So for the week of March 27th to April 2nd:

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Rest day (went for burgers with the boys instead of running. Didn't feel bad about it either!)

Wednesday: Week 3 Day 1 C25K
Distance: 3.8K
Time: 33:48
Average Pace: 8.51/K

PT with Mal (session 3)
Duration: 1hr
Notes: because I ran right before this workout I was already warmed up but cardio wise I was kinda pooped. We did lots of upper body and lots of squats again which were killer! I was totally exhausted by the time I walked home.

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Week 3 Day 2 C25K
Distance: 7k
Time: 1:05:16
Average Pace: 9.16k
Notes: I ran around Wascana, or at least part of it. Actually I ran/walked for 16 minutes and did the rest as power walking/hiking and the odd bit of running. I'm up to running for 2.5 minutes at a time. Slow progress but I felt really great the whole time and got an hours worth of cardio in.

Got a bit of super muddy trail running in on Saturday around the lake. Who knew? So muddy though and it was a short section. I ran it because I think I'll love trail running this summer.

I didn't love this snake though. I'm not sure if he's alive or not. I wasn't getting any closer. I'm grateful it isn't tick season yet. Ticks are the worst. Wait till I post pictures of them, yuck!

Sunday: Pt session with Mal
Duration: 1hr
Notes: I should be running today to get my C25K on a matching schedule with coach Mal's Sunday to Sunday schedule. I'm tired today though. The sun is shining so I may still go. In fact I really should. If I go now this morning maybe I won't be too tired for tonight... OK I talked myself into it.

Week 3 Day 3 C25K
Distance: 3.3k
Time: 27:25
Average Pace: 8:12/k
Notes: I went and I did it! Vitamin D makes all the difference!

Total distance for this week: 14.2k
Total time for this week: 2h 6m
(according to Strava. I'm myself there if you want to follow me, Jill Nault aka Sauceyjill)

Question time: How's your week going? Any training/fitness? How's your weather? Please say the sun is shining and you're soaking it all up! Have a great week everyone! :)

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  1. Yes, the sun is shining here in the east bay. I power walked for 45 minutes to reach at least 5K. I did weights, crunches, and squats afterwards. My legs are feelin' it.


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