New Shoes!

I got a new pair of Saucony Triumph ISO 3's this month.

They're very colourful like all my Saucony runners. I'm still wearing my last pair to walk and cross train in. I actually wear my first pair too but as work shoes.

I love the mesh on these shoes. They are super breathable which is important for me. My feet get hot and then they smell, like feet. I'm not fond of the smell of feet... I'm hoping I don't bust through the toe box on these puppies for a long time but I have a bad feeling that could be a future possibility.

These shoes are super light weight and have enough cushion to make things comfortable. They also don't seem to irritate my left Achilles like my last pair of shoes were doing. I'm hoping that as my ankles get stronger through training, that particular pain will stay away (it wasn't fun).

This wall of shoes at the Running Room in Regina made me so happy. I tried on maybe 5 different pairs of shoes, all kinds of brands. Funny how each time I get shoes I'm happiest with Saucony. I have to admit that the price tag on my shoes was terrible. They are maybe the most expensive shoes I own...

I think this year I'm going to get some running shorts (I run in tights or capris, I don't even own regular shorts) and I'd love a lightweight windproof jacket. I have a great lined winter running jacket but nothing for spring. The wind here can get pretty intense and nothing sucks more than wearing a jacket that feels as breathable as a plastic bag...

So any recommendations on gear? What shoes do you wear? Got a favourite brand or do you switch them up?


  1. I used to be a Nike snob. The tween is now. But I've found Nike doesn't support my high arches well. I started using Asics. With this last new pair, since Dec, I changed models. The one I usually got are trail running shoes. Now I power walk. But this new model totally rubbed a big blister into my right Achilles more than once. Then I found these terrific ankle socks at Target! I love them and don't have to worry anymore about blisters. My husband went to a running store and tried on a shoe for those who get rubbed on the sides of their toes. His Asics pinch them. They look a bit like clodhoppers, or Frankenstein shoes but he swears by them. He got to try them out at the store, meaning run in them, too.


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