WIPs - Prime Mittens

I've been working on these mittens by Brooklyn Tweed. I've talked about them in a previous Queue Revue and I bought some yarn for them before Christmas. I'm knitting them as part of a challenge in Nerd Wars (a group and game on Ravelry). I'd like to enter them in the Prime Numbers Challenge, hence the name.

It's been fun trying to note down the prime numbers as they come up in the pattern. There are far more of them than I thought at first. Thank goodness, I thought I'd have to stretch to make it all work.

I'm still struggling with my colourwork. I find that it looks all bunchy and lumpy and I'm not sure if blocking will help or if I just need to practice more. I'm knitting them with Quince and Co Chickadee in Peacock and Chantrell. The yarn is lovely and squishy, just like the thicker weight Lark I used to knit Marsh.

I really love this yarn, and can't wait to try the Tern I bought to make these mittens for myself. Maybe by then I'll have this colourwork tension thing figured out.


  1. I think these are lovely! I was noticing your pictures on Rav yesterday. As far as colorwork - I'm not that brave yet...but it is on my to-do list this year! :)

  2. I think blocking will help. You are amazing!


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