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I finally finished my Marsh sweater that I blogged about here. I wore it on Saturday and now today at work, so far it's holding up to normal life.

A few notes and mods:

I wasn't sure if I'd like the length, I thought maybe it was too long, but I do like it. 26 inches maybe a bit more.

I have realized now after knitting 2 such sweaters that I don't like boat necks. I think this would be even more flattering if it were a v-neck.

I'm glad I added the 3 inches of extra stockinette over the bust and dropped the lace to just under.

If I were to knit this again I would also knit the smallest size. I'm shocked by how much it grew after soaking. I guess I should start washing my swatches. Lesson learned. Not that I like my garments to be skin tight but I think the bust is a bit too roomy, and  unfortunately I'm not amply endowed in the bust area.

So overall I'm calling this a success and I'll be wearing it often over the next few months with a long sleeve t-shirt. I'm hoping in the spring and early summer I can wear a tank top under it and take advantage of the short sleeves.


  1. Marsh looks so awesome! It's perfect on you. Like how you analyzed it afterwards. I do like the lace part underneath. Good point on swatches. I'm so lazy to wash mine b/c I'm too excited to start!

  2. I agree with Stefanie - it looks so good! And I like the mods you made on the lace portion - dropping it below the bust. It's very flattering! You're such a quick knitter! :)

  3. I think it looks great too. I love that you added length to the bust- I think the lace pattern looks much better when it starts lower.
    (sarakristin on rav)

  4. It's really pretty!! Looks like a great layering piece.


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