Queue Revue

today we are taking a peek into my never ending queue...

photo by spillyjane

We all know I know I have love affair with mittens. I like to knit them, I like to give them away, I even like to wear them (good thing since winter lasts a long time around here).

This pattern is a recent find for me, even though it was released in 2008. Phedre is a pattern by the infamous spillyjane (a canuck mitten knitting genius!). It's based on the books by Jacqueline Carey. I read this series many years ago when the Superstar was little. Warning to future readers: this is a graphic dark series. I loved it!

These mittens are a reflection of that darkness, from the black rose tattoo to the blood red mitten. They are perfect!


  1. How do you like wearing a mitt like that above compared to one w/the separate finger coverings?

  2. ooh, that is a gorgeous mitt!! love the colours.

  3. @Kepanie

    Like a glove? I like wearing gloves but I love mittens, something about them reminds me of being a kid. Plus, they're warm. I do wear gloves all the time though, my Isotoner leather gloves in particular.


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