Manly Mittens

I thought I'd share the mittens I made for the men in my family this holiday. The pattern is called Basic Men's Mittens by Katherine Vaughan. I love how easy this pattern is!

I knit all these mittens out of Diamond Luxury Pilar by Diamond Yarn. This yarn is an aran weight and is made of 90% Llama and 10% silk. I love how it feels. It's so soft and thick, perfect for mittens! I used metal 3.75mm dpns, a few stitch markers, some scrap wool (to hold the thumb stitches) and my yarn needle.

The first pair I knit were finished back in the summer and I knit them for my Dad. I took them along on this hike and did a bit of a photo shoot. I think they turned out really well. I blocked all the mittens for a medium large man's hand. So I hope they all fit!

The second pair I knit were for my father in-law. He has blue eyes and so I picked a colour to match.

Then I knit a pair for my brother...

These were probably my favorite. I love the brown, it reminds me of chocolate! Hard to take good pictures of though.

Then I knit the last pair for B. They are a lovely soft grey that just really appeals to me.

****add picture here.***

I'd use this pattern again for mittens. Like I said, it was easy to knock off a pair in a weekend. Next time though I'll add a liner. I'm finding that it's just too cold here. We need that nice soft inner layer to keep fingers warm.

I love knitting mittens!


  1. So I was supposed to finish B's mittens, take a picture and add it to the post before it published. But alas, I didn't finish the mittens in time, or take the picture! How funny!


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