Something like a Phenomenon

Remember this song?

I love retro (hard to believe L. L. Cool J is retro now!) you tube videos!
I was in the mood to knit mittens (big surprise, I know) when I found this Bella type pattern. It's called Phenomenon by Carine Ancel. I loved it! I love the detail on the palms, the cross cables are great. A bit of a pain to knit but so worth it! I had some Cascade 220 wool in my stash in a really vibrant teal colour that I still think is perfect for dreary winter days!

I started these in the spring and left them for 4 months with just the thumbs to do. Crazy! What is it with thumbs? I knit them on 6.5mm wooden dpns, yarn held double. 

I thought I'd run out of yarn, but I had just enough left over to make the Eclipse Hat. I started the hat in the summer and finished it in a day. I enjoy whipping up hats. They are usually quick and fun. This hat was knit on my 4.5mm 16 inch addi turbo circular needles. These are my favorite needles for hat knitting.

Together the hat and mittens made a great gift for my future sister in law. I'll be making the mittens again sometime soon as they are such an instant gratification kind of project, and they look slick too!


  1. Ho dang, girl; go on w/your bad self! LL Cool J? I'm impressed. He was my second concert and homeboy was tight!
    That set is so awesome! Love how you paired that blue w/the gray. The Phenom gloves came out awesome. Do you like this pattern more than that Marielle Henault one?

  2. yes and no. I like the Bella mittens because they are quick, but these ones add a certain something, with the cabled cross stitches. I'd knit them again, maybe in hot pink!

  3. I love both of them! Blasted thumbs! I have the yarn all skeined up for the Bella Mittens. :)


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