The Old Metal Bridge

Went for a lovely drive with the family today. B had heard about a metal bridge close by in the Qu'Appelle Valley and we loaded everyone into the truck and went to investigate.

Turns out it's very close to where my friend Sheryl lives. Who knew? She's on Ravelry too and makes really wonderful felted bags (among other things).

This was a great place, one of those hidden gems that you know you'll return to again and again. I had fun imagining the history of the bridge and how amazing it must have been back in 1910 to have this come by train all the way from Nova Scotia.

The kids had fun running after butterflies. Must be the season, there were so many! Most were yellow and white but every now then you'd see a little blue one. Wish they'd stay still! There were also the token prairie dragonflies. Huge this year! Thank goodness, otherwise we'd be eaten alive by the mosquitoes after the damp spring we've had.

I love walking down gravel roads. You never know where they will take you, and there always seems to be such promise just around the bend.

The Qu'Appelle river was really nice today. It's running at one of the highest levels anyone can remember this year. Perfect for kayaking. Next year, I promise, you'll have a picture of me paddling down this stretch. I can't wait!

I got a few more things crossed off the never ending to-do list today. I baked a delicious looking (and thankfully tasting) carrot cake from a Jamie Oliver cookbook.

It's made with this Lime Mascarpone Cream Cheese icing that is seriously my new favorite icing for everything that needs icing and most things that don't. It was that good! A nice mix of cheeses and a hint of lime and not too sweet. Delicious! It'll be fun to bring some to work ad see how fast it gets annihilated.

I also finished my Lamb from Susan B. Anderson's book Itty Bitty Toys. I named him Lancelot and am keeping my fingers crossed for my brother and K! I'm ridiculously excited about a new baby in the family!

I've finished a few other things lately and am working on a few more that I'd dearly love to share, but alas, it will have to wait until after Christmas. I am about to cast on tonight for the Super Star's first hand knit by mom sweater. I'm knitting along with Susan B. Anderson and a KAL (knit along) she's doing over on the Spud Says Blog. I'd like to knit it at work so she doesn't know that I'm doing it but you never know with teenage girls, they're wily.


  1. wow! those butterflies are amazing. I love how they tend to cluster. And your little lamb is adorable. Love how it turned out.


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