Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Recap

For the week of April 10th to the 16th:

Hello. How's your week been? Hopefully great and full of movement and fun. I've had a good week I'd say, great actually for my mind and fitness, maybe not so much for my running.

I started off the week still really battling with this right outer shin pain and right hip discomfort. So much so that my run on Tuesday was a slog and just painful. I made the decision to pull back on running and maybe just do 2 runs this week, concentrate on cross training and rest.

Later on Tuesday I went to a vinyasa flow yoga class at my local studio Surya Yoga. It was freaking fantastic. I forgot how much I love yoga and how great a teacher Robin is. I also forgot how much my body loves yoga! And needs it! I went into the class not sure how much flexibility I've lost (not that much thankfully) and with my shin still aching. By the end of the class the shin pain was gone and my hips felt loose. I really needed that apparently. Somehow I need to carve out more stretching and yoga time in my week.

I went to my 6th personal training session with coach Mal on Wednesday and we went easy on the cardio (bouncing was still painful) and upped the weights. I honestly feel like I die a little in her sessions, I work as hard as I can but pushups still suck... I think I'm getting stronger though. I did my next PT session on Friday and I felt pain free and great. It was a tough workout and I think I rocked it. I sure sweat a lot now!

pic from my run on Saturday

So the stats look like this:

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Week 3, Run 2
Distance: 3.6K
Time: 31:21
Average Pace: 8:40/K

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Duration: 1h 15min

Wednesday: PT session 6
Duration: 1hr

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: PT session 7
Duration: 1hr

Saturday: Week 3 Run 3
Distance: 4.1K
Time: 32:18
Average Pace: 7:52/K

Yoga - 60 Minute Deep Stretch Yoga (YouTube)
Duration: 1hr

Sunday: Advanced Deep Stretch Yoga Class (YouTube)
Duration: 1hr 13min

Brent says I'm doing too much that's why I keep battling injuries. He's probably right (don't tell him I said that) I do tend to jump into things 150%. I think regular yoga is going to be key for me to stay pain free. I'm determined to build my fitness level and my running. I gots goals people! I gots goals!

Question Time: What do you do to cross train? Do you love yoga too? Got a favourite style?

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  1. I'm glad to read your pain went away. I immediately thought of yoga to help. Yoga is something I have yet to try. My friends were talkin' about it Saturday at tea. One does an easy one and the other tried that 90° one. I think yoga would help me loosen up because I know my muscles are tight in my legs; I've never been that flexible. My goal right now is MWF at least half an hour cardio and weights with lunges and squats. Then Tu, Th will be just walking.


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