Sunday Running Recap

Hello! How's your week been? I've had a pretty great week! Lots of training and good work days... Next week is looking really busy with Beth moving back home from university and training at the new office and a trip to 'Stoon on Thursday. How I'm going to fit all my running in, well, I'm not so sure but why worry? I'll just have to take it a day at a time.

My week of April 17th to the 23rd looked like this:

Monday: Week 4 Run 1 - 3:1 Run/Walk
distance: 5.3K
time: 42:07
average pace: 7:50/k
notes: ran around Wascana at lunch again... windy windy day...

Tuesday: Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Duration: 1hr 15min
Notes: lots of great stretching, lunges, chataranga, etc...

Wednesday: Week 4 Run 2
distance: 4.3k
time: 35:34
average pace: 8:08/k
Notes: did a bit more walking than I normally would, I had Sam riding his bike beside me and chatting a lot for the first half. I enjoy listening to him but I missed a few of my interval beeps so my run/walk ration was off. Also it was raining. Not that I minded that at all. It was lovely out.

Thursday: Pt session 8
duration: 1hr
notes: this was my last pt session of this series. We went over the fitness test that I did when I first started last month. I've gained so much strength and endurance! I signed up for another series of 8. Pretty stoked about that!

Friday: Week 4 Run 3
distance: 5.3K
time: 40:56
average pace: 7:37/k
Notes: love seeing how much better I'm getting! Being a newbie runner is the best! Lol, I envy everyone that can run long and without struggling like I feel I do but I know I'll get there eventually. Also I'm impressed that I can run after a pt session... Beer and pretzels tasted great!

Saturday: Rest
Notes: Moved Beth back home today, lots of lifting and walking so kinda a workout?! Ha ha

Sunday: Easy long run... On the trails in Echo Park! Post and pictures to follow!
distance: 6.8K
time: 1hr 40sec
average page: 8:52/k

total weekly distance: 21.9k
total time: 2hr 59min

Question Time:

Hey have you tried the new Starbucks Unicorn Frappaccino? I'm not a sugary drink gal (not even pop) but I saw this on Facebook and thought if I could get my hands on it I'd totally down one! What's your favourite gel flavour, brand?


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