Monday, March 27, 2017

Sunday Recap

I took a few weeks off running and also blogging, sorry about that. I got the worst cold I've ever had as an adult and honestly didn't get off the couch for about a week. It was really awful. But I started back at running last weekend and this week was a nice full training week. I'm so happy. I also feel really strong and mostly pain free! So that's fabulous.

I started personal training on Wednesday with a great runner and fitness guru (Mallory - Breathe, Run, Repeat on Facebook). I'll be training with her twice a week for the next 6 weeks. I'm pumped about this. I've never had a personal trainer and I've also never been much for strength training. It shows. I can barely do one pushup. Kinda pathetic but a girl's gotta start somewhere. Anyway, on to some stats...

New Shoes!

For the week of March 20th to March 26th:

Monday: Week 2 Day 1 C25K
Distance: 4.1K
Time: 36:39
Average Pace: 8:51/k

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: PT with Mal
Duration: 1hr
Notes: did a fitness test, went thru the hiit workout once and generally got a feel for what this is going be like for the next 6 weeks, pretty excited!

Thursday: Rest Day - omg sore!

Friday: Rest Day - why is day 2 always the worst!!!

Saturday: Week 2 Day 2 C25K
Distance: 4.1K
Time: 36:23
Average Pace: 8:41/k

Evening Walk at the PFRA
Distance: 3.3K
Time: 41:13

Sunday: Week 2 Day 3 C25K
Distance: 4.2K
Time: 36:05
Average pace: 8:32/k

PT session 2 with Mal
Time: 1hr
Notes: This was another hiit style all body workout. Weights ranged from 3.5-10lbs. My upper body, core and legs were fatigued by the end. It was hard! It hurt in some parts. I'm so excited to do it again!

Total Distance: 15.7K

I'm happy with how this week looks! Next week should be similar. I'm onto week 3 of my Couch to 5k app and the run/walk intervals are getting harder... looks like 2.5 minute runs and the same for walking. That's going to feel brutal because the 1.5 minute running felt tough! I kept telling myself I can do anything for a minute and a half. And I did it too. Crazy stuff this mental game...

Anyway, hope you have a great next week and let me know if you are training for anything. 

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  1. Sorry you were so knocked out by a bad cold. Love the new running shoes. Have fun with your personal trainer.


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