Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Recap

Well here's my first Sunday Recap. I'm not sure how this should look, I may change it up until I'm happy with it but for now...

For the week of February 27- March 5th

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Week 1, Day 1 C25K
                    Distance: 4.1K
                    Time: 37:07
                    Speed: 8:56/km

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Walk
            Distance: 5.93K
            Time: 1h

Saturday: Week 1, Day 2 C25K
                Distance: 3.21K
                Time: 29:38
                Speed: 9:16/km

Sunday: Walk
              Distance: 6.4K
              Time: 1:04:35

Total Distance: 19.64K
Total Time: 3:11:20

Did you work it this week? Keeping track of your stats? How did you do?

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