And now it's March!

Well February flew by! I didn't mean to take a month off. I'm still a bit shocked by that actually. I've been busy doing stuff and not so busy, got sick, recovered, been working, knitting, and started running again.

Yup, that's right, I've started running again... I blame Brent.

You see it was my birthday a few weeks ago and while it's not a big round number, it was close enough to make me reassess a few things. I felt that maybe I could make some goals and try to hit them this year. Then Brent went and got me a Fitbit charge 2. It's so easy to get addicted to gadgets isn't it?!

I figured that to easily reach my step goals I should take up running again! Cause that sounds easy and sane right?

So I signed up for the 5K Perogy Run in May and will sign up for the Stampede with the Broncs in June (another 5K, registration opens on Monday). And then today because I've been drinking the Koolaid, I signed up for the Queen City Half Marathon in September.

I'm determined not to hurt myself this year. I blew my knee out last May and it took me months to walk pain free. I refuse to do that to myself again but man it's hard to ease into training! I want to run. I want to run everyday. I know I can't though, I'm already feeling tight in my right hip and my left Achilles is giving me little jabs during the day. I'm not a wuss when it comes to pain and I can suffer through... but... I'm not into the injured and out for 6-8 weeks because I can't slow down (funny that, cause I am slow, but I have no fear when it comes to long distance).

I bought Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training book a few years ago and I'm planning to use the Novice 1 plan. Before that though I'm back to the Couch to 5K app that I downloaded on my phone. I've had this app for many years and have never completed it. I'm going to this time.

I've done 2 runs and they felt really really good. I remember the last time I did them, I was huffing and puffing and maybe dying a little each run. I'm not feeling that this time. I read an article on muscle memory recently and how runners have that even if they've taken years off running. I'm not sure I buy into it for myself because I've never been a very serious long term athlete but I think the years of yoga everyday have paid off in an increased fitness level. That's my theory anyway :)

So that's what I thought I'd share today. I'm throwing myself all in like I do, reading running blogs, articles and following Instagram accounts. I'll probably try to do a weekly recap of my workouts and stats, not that they mean much right now but I know I'll enjoy looking at them later.

As you can see it's still winter here. It's melting though! Into the plus temps this weekend, I'm so ready!

How about you? Do you run? Any race goals this year?

What about fitness in general? How do you enjoy moving your body most?


  1. You go on the running. I used to but am afraid I stopped; I was mentally bored but am happier roller blading or power walking like Darth Vadar down the sidewalks. My husband is a lean, running machine. He broke his foot last year, had to deal with a staph infection, and did his own PT. He was running again by his mid-August birthday. He is amazing. He started out wtih 5K and now he is up the 10K. I wish I could take a hip hop dance class but that's usually for kids or you have to be part of a gym. I'd rather spend that membership money on yarn thank you. XO!


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