Prairie Snowshoe Adventures - Part One

Doesn't that sound like the name of shop?! Prairie Adventures...

This mountain girl still can't believe how easy it is to have adventures out here. I guess that means that it isn't the place that creates them, it's all about attitude. And my attitude for 2017 is all about adventure. I'm aiming to have as many as possible. This is my last year in my 30's and I want to make it good. So I'm working on a plan... stay tuned!

In the meantime, I'm making good on my resolution to get active and enjoy the winter more. I got out snowshoeing the other day. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to do it.

cheesy before hike selfie

I took Josie out too. She was dying for a run. I don`t normally take the dog with me when I go places, usually Brent does all the dog stuff (his dog you know) but there`s no reason for us not to adventure together when we can. She was funny to watch and listened well, I`ll take her with me next time too.

We went to the PFRA where we`ve had many long rambles over the years. It`s in a sad state of decline but you can`t tell with a blanket of white covering everything. I like that it`s just across from town and super easy to get to. We also wander the Experimental Farm (also just across from town) but more in the summer. I`ve been wanting to explore the White Butte Trails just outside of White City. They have 5k of hiking trails for dogs and snowshoers but I`ll have to check it out before I take Josie.

I personally love going the PFRA and would choose to go there over most other places. There`s never anyone else out there when I go! It`s like an oasis of privacy right next to the Number 1.

I also love the trees. I have a small thing for trees.

I`ll probably dedicate a few posts to trees (just to warn you). Some people have spirit animals, I hug trees.

So I`m 2 for 12 in my snowshoeing goal. Lots of winter left (I`m not sure why I live in a place where winter is so long when I hate being cold but there you go, it`s probably so I can make resolutions about learning to embrace it). I`m planning on going every Friday for sure and some other weekend day too. If I can do that then I`ll be good for reaching my goal no problem. I do need new winter boots though... my feet are killing me!


  1. Good for you. I love this goal. I plan to be more active this year and eating healthier.


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