Friday, December 30, 2016


I could label my goals for this coming year by any of the catchy terms floating around social media right now: intentions, heart's desires, affirmations, visions... Call them what you will but I'm ok with the term resolutions. Some of mine are goals with steps and actualizations. Some are dreams with no job other than to inspire me throughout the year.

I'm a lover of inspiration! I seek it everywhere and when I find it I hold it tight. It's in my photos. It's in my crafting. It's in my home. It's outside in nature. It's on my mat and in my yoga practice. It's in the books I read. It's in the social media I choose to follow. It's in the music I listen to and the teachers I learn from.

So here are my resolutions for 2017...

Knit 12 pairs of socks - use up yarn I have in the stash, knit for gifts, knit for me

Participate in the Insight Timer App meditation challenge - a 365 day meditation challenge. I'm excited to see what a year of meditation will work in my life. Big things!

Do a yoga retreat or 2 - this deserves a blog post of it's own, so many to choose from!

Read 12 books on spirituality, yoga, philosophy, etc... - I have a long list of books to read, I'll share and review as I go

Knit Sam a sweater - he's been asking for years, I'm thinking of this one

Kayak as much as possible - seriously this is on my list every year and last year I got out twice. Not good enough. This is the year I am curating the life I want and I dream of being active, I talk like I'm active so I've decided that this is the year that I get active in reality. Kayaking is pure pleasure for me, like floating meditation, surreal and peaceful and cup overflowing... I will get on the water

Snowshoe at least 12 times before winter is over - this ties in with the kayaking but not with the same passion. This one is all about getting outdoors and moving. I vow to bring more movement into my life, conscious movement...

Finish the Hexi Crochet blanket - one of my oldest wips, supposed to be for Beth but will live on top of my couch for awhile longer yet... I need to finish this, I want the basket back that I store the yarn in!

First 3 months of 2017, work on ab strength and the last 9 months work on handstands - I have so many yoga asana goals, this is one of them. Really, I'll be happy with holding boat pose and not shaking like a leaf. Inversions and the like are lofty goals that I feel like I can do if I put the work in. So this is my year... Bring it on mat, I'm ready!

I have a few money goals, the biggest is to pay down my personal debt. It won't disappear in one year but if I'm serious, I can knock it back by a third. I battle with my inner child all the time over this. On one hand I want to have all the pretty, amazing things, and on the other I'm selling everything and living in a Tiny House. I'm fascinated by this duality and I promise to contradict myself regularly.

The last one (this list is never truly finished, really) has to do with my daughter's ukulele. She has a beautiful one from my parents' past trip to Hawaii. I covet it. I covet being able to play it. I want to play this song...

Usually I make resolutions like most everyone, just once a year, but this past year I`ve been incorporating moon rituals into my life. The great thing about these is that they happen every month. So for instance this post was written on December 28th, the night of the New Moon. New Moon`s are a beautiful time to set intentions and goals. It`s the start of a new cycle in which to bring focus and awareness and plant the seeds for the coming month. And every month on the new Moon I can revisit these resolutions and see what`s working. I can reassess... readjust... renew...  or discard what isn`t resonating.

Hopefully you`ll see many of these resolutions come to fruition over the next 12 months. Some won`t. That`s ok though. I`m a dynamic, evolving woman and my desires and passions are crazy intense at any given moment. So I`ll leave you with a little prayer I found on Pinterest. May you`re coming year be one of joy and presence...

A New Moon - New Year Prayer

I welcome transformation
I welcome growth
I welcome abundance
I know what I need
I am ready


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