Winter is the best time for blanket making. There's nothing like having a lap full of wool and warmth while I'm crafting. But... I think I have a problem. I`m pretty sure I have at least 5 blankets on the go and another one that I`m planning for.

Some are old WIPs and some are actually getting worked on but slowly. Of the old WIPs, 2 have been on the needles for more than 3 years. I`ve made a goal to get the crochet hexi blanket finished this year and I know that the big crochet granny square blanket will also be completed this year if I stick to my sock making plan. The other`s though...

hexi blanket

I have a quilt top for my niece that's sewn but not quilted. It's my first quilt and I'm totally intimidated by the idea of quilting it. I have another quilt on my vision board. I thought I'd quilt this one as I go and I have a small section done. I really think this will be a beautiful low volume quilt but I'm not inspired to finish it yet. I'm not as savvy with my sewing machine as I'd like to be and I'm honestly a little scared of it.

I'm excited to be starting a new blanket soon. I'm just gathering ideas and supplies right now. My son has been in the same daycare since he was a small baby and now that phase is almost over for our family. I'd like to make something for his caregiver. She's been amazing all these years and I'm so grateful for all the love she's given my littlest.

I'm thinking of a crochet ripple blanket in grey, white, rider green and black. It should be potato chip crafting and hopefully that will be all I need to finish it. I have most of the yarn already. I know once I start it though I won't be making anything else so I'll finish up a few other projects first.

Maybe this is why I live where winter is so long... So I have so much time to work on all these blankets!

granny square blanket


  1. It's been a long time since I've crocheted a blanket. I'd like to make one for our couch to snuggle up under but can't decide upon which design. And I'm also debating on whether to have my grandmother make it to keep her busy and stave off the boredom.


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