Monday, March 17, 2014

5K Training Week 3

Last week's training post can be found here.

Ok so last week was good and bad. I ran all the days I was supposed to except yesterday's long run. It was super windy, we had company and my throat was sore. Those are my excuses and while they felt legit at the time I wish I had gotten up earlier and just done it. Oh well, I'm trying the 5K run this Saturday instead.

The strength training on off days has been an utter fail. I did do yoga a few times. I'm hoping to take it more seriously this week.

On a fun note I went to Lululemon yesterday and bought running tights and a top. I like that I can ditch my sweatpants (hopefully it doesn't get cold like it did this past weekend, I'm done with the -20C windchills).

This week looks like this:

Monday - rest/abs
Tuesday - run
Wednesday - run
Thursday - rest/yoga
Friday - run
Saturday - 5K run
Sunday - rest/arms and legs

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