5K Training Week 2

So last week's schedule can be found here. I did all the runs even through snow and ice. The first run was hard, really hard. My right foot hurt and my lungs hurt. The next day my legs felt like they were going to fall off. I was a bit freaked out. I had to stop lacing my shoes so tight on the right, they made my toes go numb (so crazy)!

I thought Thursday's run would be terrible but it wasn't. I felt great afterwards and the soreness actually went away. I was going to skip it too because it was a crazy snow day. The running was tough and slippery but I'm just so glad I didn't give in to the excuses.

And then on Saturday (it was a busy tournament day for the kids, everyone going in different directions) I ran at 8am. It was so windy and that was tough, made my eyes water and I felt like I was running and not going anywhere (like they do in cartoons). Again, I felt wonderful when I was done. No pain, a bit stiff in the legs later but I felt justified having that second glass of wine that evening!

I have to admit to failing with the strength training though. I did yoga a few times but I didn't lift any weights. I think my general soreness/stiffness made me nervous to over do it.

This Week Looks Like This:

Monday - run day 30 minutes
Tuesday - yoga/legs
Wednesday - run day 30 minutes
Thursday - yoga/arms
Friday - run day 30 minutes
Saturday - yoga/abs
Sunday - run day - try a 5K

So how do you stay motivated and ignore the excuses? I'm looking for tips here, this is only week 2!


  1. I have started making a daily schedule for myself . I list exercise in the evening around 3 to 3:30 because I exercise best in the late afternoon. I feel better making a daily schedule because even though I don't do every single thing on the schedule, I feel like I accomplished something for the day if I do just a few things off of it.


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