Running my first 5K

OK, I did it.

I signed up for a 5K. I haven't ran anything since I was a kid. I used to do a 10K run back then but I was seriously maybe 10 years old.

Fast forward a few years... *cough*... maybe add some more years...

I'm super motivated to have 2014 be my year to get fit... to be active... that includes trying running. Seems to me that attempting a race would be a good goal to work towards. Then I can call myself a runner right?

I've been working out on the Elliptical and doing some yoga (at home this winter). I've gone skating at our rink a few times and I've also been doing the workouts on Tone It Up. They're super great and easy to do (but challenging!).

As we move into spring though I'll need to amp up my training into something that will actually help me run! Snort... run... I must be crazy... But I have really cool new shoes, remember? I posted the picture the other day!

cool shoes!

So I was surfing around the blogs I follow and as I snooped through the Tone It Up website, I stumbled on this link... Get Ready to Train for Your First 5K.

Here is a plan I think I can do to get ready for my Run For The Girls 5K on April 12.

I'll have to start on March 3rd which is in just a few days. That part has me a little scared. It's cold outside. In fact this weekend is supposed to be the coldest of the winter yet (a balmy -55C with the wind). I am not going outside because I'll freeze solid in about 5 seconds. So I think the elliptical and I will be friendly for a little longer.

But as soon as it warms up... I'm heading outside!

I'll take -20C even... (never thought I'd be happy to go outside in that before this winter)...

Alright readers, wish me luck!


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