Right Now

Right now I’m…

LISTENING... to Slacker Radio, a lot... I really like that you can search your favorite artist and play stations based on their music, genre, etc... My favourites right now are Ellie Goulding, Florence and the Machines, Lorde,  and 30 Seconds to Mars... When I'm on the Elliptical I like their Dance Workout station too!

WATCHING... I'm a hit and miss TV watcher, mostly miss... I did catch some of the Olympics and they were fun to watch. I also watch Netflix. I watched a few good movies lately and a few bad ones... The good ones were Chasing Ice (documentary), Shaun of the Dead and Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy (both rewatches)

READING... Finishing up the Lord of the Rings second book, The Two Towers

KNITTING... finishing up WIPS, I seem to have lots of them all of a sudden. My Winter Wind scarf is so close to being finished, I can taste it. I have mittens that I want to finish too before winter is over... of course with the winter we've been having it'll never be over!

THINKING... of all the things I want to knit... I need more hours in the day or more arms...

COOKING... B got me some cookbooks for Valentines Day and one of them is a dinner salad book. I tried a recipe already this week and it was a hit. I have another on the menu for tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out.

WANTING... it to warm up! I'm so sick of the cold! It's -30 something every morning this week and no end for awhile. I want to be outside doing something in the sun. I want to be warm...

NEEDING… I don't really need anything right now. Isn't that a great thing!

FEELING... Grateful that it's Wednesday!

LOVING... My new running shoes!!! I was going to wait to buy them in April but I got birthday money from my inlaws (such lovely people) and I couldn't help myself!

PLANNING... to run some 5k races this spring. In fact I signed up for 2. The first is in Regina in April. It's a fun run for The Girl Guides and I'm happy to support them whenever I can. The second run is in May and it's a fundraiser too, for a centre of arts and learning in a little town south of us. It's claim to fame is the perogy lunch they feed you after the run. I like perogies!

WISHING For some extra time tonight to get an extra long yoga session in. I've been doing yoga at home every few days and love it. Especially at night before bed.

How about you? What are you doing right now?


  1. Great post...man I should get back to blogging....lol

    I admire those of you not afraid of running! 5 ks always sound like they'd be fun, and then I remember how much I dislike running...lol

  2. Man, woman. You are busy! Me and the girls just finished snack. The dishwasher's running. Laundry's going. Gonna run the shower now for the princesses.


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