Fitness Friday

I'd love to do a Fitness Friday post every Friday, but I'll probably get distracted and forget (ideally because I'm actually doing something active). Anyway, when I remember, you'll get one!

My fitness check in for the week...

Cardio on the Elliptical... (I need a name for it... maybe Steve... working out with Steve sounds so much better)... 4 workouts - 40 minutes each! Hurrah!

Weights...  abs, arms, and legs... 4 workouts, 2 x on my abs! Yay me!

Did I go skating this week?... No but I plan to on Sunday...

Did I get outside for some exercise?... No, it's cold again and I'm a wimp, but I'm planning on trying to walk when it gets warmer than -20C. Or snowshoe, I have a pair and have yet to use them this winter, that's not right!

Did I get the kayak out?... bwahaha, everything is frozen solid and will be for many more months... I'll only be dreaming about getting on the water until May (brrr!) or more likely June. Insert sad face here...

How about water?... So I know I should be drinking 8 glasses of water but it always seems like such a lot to down... I feel like I'm floating away (and spending lots of time in the washroom)... So while I'm making a conscious effort to get and stay hydrated, in the winter I get most of my water from tea. I'll share my favorites next time!

Fun Fact... I discovered a website that has inspired these posts called Tone It Up. Actually these ladies have inspired me to get serious about my fitness this year.

I used to get by on fabulous genetics and youth. I've notice that both have been slipping this past year, I guess hitting my mid-30's will do that.

So check them out, sign up! They have super workout videos (free), recipes (free), an online community (free) and loads of inspiring members (also free).

I'm hoping to buy their BeachBabe workout videos soon and eventually sign on to be a lifetime member (there's a fee for this but also lots of extras like their nutritional plan and special member emails, etc...).

Ahh... Fridays just got a whole lot sweeter! How about you? Are you active? Do you track your fitness level? How do you stay healthy and amazing?


  1. Oh, girl. I hear you on age on our bodies! I haven't exercised for ages. But my pants be feeling it. So I'm starting out with twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And maybe I'll play some Wii Dance Party on Saturday.


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