Yarn Along

Well on the weekend I was productive and knit Mr. Man a hat.

I love Space Invaders, don't you? Those old school video games were the best.

I'm currently knitting some mittens for a friend. To be honest I'm finding them tedious. I love knitting mittens (especially colourwork) but whenever I have to knit for someone else and have a deadline, I end up hating the knitting. What a super snobby knitter I am!

I've had to impose some discipline to get them done. Everyday I have to knit 10 rounds before I knit on anything else. It sucks, but it's working...

As for reading, I have a few really interesting books on my night table. I'm reading the Mabigoni and other Medieval Welsh Tales, and Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist.

These books will have to take a back seat to my text books though. I started an online course this fall. I'm excited to be taking a university class after so many years of being out of formal education. At the same time, I'm nervous...


  1. I concur! Old school video games were the best! I like how this Space Invaders hat came out. The aliens look like they're busting a move. You are brave to go back to school. I have no patience. I also like how you have that goal of 10 rounds. I need to do something like that.


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