The Tour - Days 6 & 7

TGIF! Hurray for Fridays! I love having this extra day off every week (and yes I'm bragging).

In Tour news, yesterday was a dud. I didn't knit yesterday (gasp). I did move most of my Irises to my new fence line after work though and got offers from 2 lovely neighbors to add some more to my collection. I think I'll take them up on it too as they offered me yellow ones. I only have deep purple and purple and white. Besides, I'm a sucker for yellow.

Speaking of yellow (wasn't that a great segue?), I finished the knitting on my Princess dress this morning.

I still need to turn and sew the hem and seam the shoulders. I'll also be crocheting a pink edging around the neckline and arms. After that I'll be embarking on some embroidery.

I spent about an hour looking for Sweet Pea pictures on Google this morning. Then I turned around and pinned them on Pinterest. Seriously the biggest time suck I tell you. If I'm going to loose countless hours to the Internet I'd rather lose them on Ravelry. Anyway, I found many that were lovely but one that will be simple enough for a beginner but still capture that look I'm going for.

Then I went into the dungeon and dug around my cross stitch bin for colours to match the ones in my head (always interesting and a wee bit frightening). I pulled out these 4...

I'm in love with these colours together! I think they have an old fashioned feel and a Victorian romantic look to them. So now that I have the perfect plan I sure hope I can pull it off... yup, no pressure...

PS - this weekend is All Folk'd Up so I may not get to post when I want. The weather is supposed to be scorching hot too... I love summer!


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