the Tour - day 11 update

Here we are at Day 11 of the Tour already! I've been knitting/crafting pretty steady these last few days.

I finished the knitting on my lavender satchels at the Montmartre Folk Fest on Saturday and on Sunday I did some needle felting embellishments. I still need to weave in ends and weave a ribbon through them to close them up but they're basically done. I'll post a picture this weekend.

I finished the needle felting on my Fairy Castle. This project is now done. Thank goodness!

I would love to make another (but not this year!) for my crochet needles and maybe make it more of a castle tower like the one Rapunzel was locked in. I think I could needle felt enough detail to make it look like a tower...

I also did some embroidery on Friday I think, on the dress for my Princess and the Pea toy. It isn't very good really but it works. I just need more practice. I like the flowers but I'm not crazy about the curly cue bits... 

Don't mind all the ends, I still need to weave them in. I'm also hunting through my stash for a good doll coloured yarn. I think I may have some in Knit Picks Palette that I can hold double. And hair... I haven't decided on the colour yet, maybe brown like me, maybe black...

I started a sock on Sunday and have powered through the leg and heel. I'm halfway done the foot. I tried a short row heel this time. It was really simple and seems to fit great. There's a little hole at each corner I'll seam up.

The yarn is from Knit Picks. It's a lovely bunch of blues called Lullaby. The sock is striping up nicely and I like it.

I'll be using this short row heel for my next few pairs of socks I think. It's pretty good!


  1. All lovely projects, Jill. The fairy house is so cute!

  2. ooh, that little fairy house and dress are SO beautiful!!


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