Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Check In

On Friday I posted a little check list of things I wanted to get done this weekend. Here's the fun part about blogging... how did I do?

1. finish up Mr. Man's room, do a photo shoot and post about it - um... well I bought knobs for the dresser and B put them on for me. But I failed on the photo shoot part, my excuse - it's raining (yes still) and when it wasn't, we were outside. I'll get to it as soon as the sun comes out, I promise!

2. plant the rest of my garden, no tomatoes - that was a big fail. It was too cold. Then it started raining.

3. finish up a wip or 2 - I did this, just not the ones I thought I'd finish. I started and finished the Bluebird toy (pictures with the sun), I felted the roofs for the gnome homes, and I knit and frogged and recast on the mitts (details when I finally finish them, they're going to be stunning).

4. sit in the sun and read or knit or just sit... - well... I did lots this weekend but it was too cold to sit in the sun. I did get outside when I could and I did knit, so I consider that a win.

So not bad... the darn weather is driving me crazy though. I should try to change my attitude and enjoy the rain but it's cold and I'm a wimp.

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