Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cathedral Street Fair 2012

Just a few pics of our day at the fair (which was yesterday). The Superstar had basketball all day so it was the boys and myself. It was cold, just like last year but no rain this time... Next year I may wear a parka though and mittens. I was freezing.

Highlights: french fries, balloons, the giant hotdog bus (complete with hotdog hat wearing serving guy), tons of people, tents everywhere, finding the sweet girl that makes the skirt of my dreams and putting in a custom order (so breathless!), kettle corn, fresh saskatoon berry pie, that guy (should have gotten a picture) that does the still life/statue poses (he's amazing), and buying our weekend passes to All Folked Up!

Had a great day! Good thing we went and enjoyed it, it's back to pouring rain. Buckets and buckets... Hope the sun shines soon.

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