Friday, June 1, 2012

Today we...

did so many things! I had a list. It was short (maybe 5 items) and I actually accomplished everything on it and then some! Here's a few pictures...

So we went to the greenhouse today (just Mr. Man and I) and stuck to our budget and still managed to get a whole lot of lovely growing things. I'm super excited about some white and yellow hollyhocks that I picked up. And the above beauty is a really pretty orange dahlia. I have visions of the flower bed next to the driveway being full of orange and white blossoms. Kind of fitting with the ASPEN colours.

We planted the garden. It went well. Lots of dirt and water (thanks to Mr. Man and the hose). I always find the first planted pictures so promising. Here's hoping we have a terrific harvest of beans and beets, zucchini and tomatoes, carrots and potatoes (and more!) this year!

I have this thing with marking my rows with sticks... but they're not nice sticks... I think the next time I go on a walk with the family (and Josie) I'll hunt for fun gnarly sticks... Every garden should have some character and being a forest lover... well sticks are mine.

I finished a pair of mittens but they're destined to be a gift so I can't post pictures but I can share an in progress photo of my latest cardigan...

This pattern is called Simplicity and it's knit in lace weight. I'm using Tanis Fiber Arts in the colourway Sand. This will be a light cardi to pull on when I feel chilled in the summer evenings. I'm really happy with the colour and the pattern so far. I expect to get lots done tomorrow.

I also signed up for a test knit. It's been years since I've done a test knit. I can't share much right now but I'm so excited about this sweater!!!

So onto tomorrow... We're participating in the Indian Head Trade Show all day tomorrow. B has his ASPEN Electric booth set up and I'll be bopping back and forth between his booth, the Arts Council and the Library booth. We went and set up tonight. His booth is going to be fantastic!

Wish us luck! I'll be back sometime this weekend with the particulars... :)

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  1. What a good feeling of accomplishment! Can't wait to see pics of the garden as it grows.


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