The End of the Odds n Ends

Do you remember this post from early April? I finished the runner and it looks exactly like I wanted it to. In fact it had me twitching to cast on another and make it a full sized throw. But that would be crazy. Right?

Currently it lives on my dining room table and acts as a catch all for the days activities, mail, books, knitting, toys and dirty socks (don't get me started on how dirty socks multiply in corners and then take over the house. I have one word for that, kids). It's pretty and fun and made me realize how much I like earthy colours but also how I much I'd like to push past that and knit up a crazy bright one. Next time.

I'm still plugging away on these socks. I've finished the first one except for kitchnering the toe (I know that isn't a word but I'm good at making them up and it's really early in the morning). The second sock has a ribbed cuff and not much else so my plan is to get it finished this week.

We're doing an ongoing KAL over on the Itty Bitty board for Susan B Anderson's Itty Bitty Toys book. This month is the Egg to Bluebird and a Little Nest, Too. Around here we have these bright bluebirds at the lake. They're called Mountain Bluebirds and they look a little like a Smurf with wings. I always get startled when I see one, they're so electric blue. I'm going to knit a bluebird this weekend and the nest too... as soon as I finish those socks!


  1. It's like a bit of modern art!

  2. Oh I just lOVE this project! YES! do make a blanket-sized one. It's wonderful!


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