Finish-itis Strikes!

I'm on a bit of a finishing kick these last few days. Being house bound with a sick kidlet has forced me to take a serious look at my wips bin... it's out of control I tell you! Not only do I have about 12 projects on the needles right now, I have had a pile of finished knits that needed to be blocked or ends needed to be woven in.

So I organized the wips into project bags and made a vow to finish at least 2 more before I cast on a new one. I got out my blocking mats and pins/wires and got my Whippoorwill Shawl blocked and my Ishbel Shawl is drying as I type. I blocked out and wove in the ends on some washcloths I started last year. I kitchner stitched the toes on the River Bank Socks and I finished the embroidery on Tuck. I also wove in ends on some fingerless mittens and sewed a button on a baby hat.

I still have a scarf to block and some mitten cuffs to seam but other than that almost everything is done and photographed! Hurrah!

Here are a few of the photos minus the shawls, they deserve a whole post for themselves...

Summer Camp Dishcloth Series by Susan B. Anderson

Tuck by Susan B. Anderson

Nalu Mitts by Leila Raabe

For Joana by Agata Smektala

Next on my list is finishing off a 2nd mitten and a 2nd sock, sewing on some eyes on a toy and finishing up a crochet rug I started last summer. Oh, and that Epic Sock Yarn Blanket! I need to whip up a few dozen squares, or at least 4 more this month...

What about you? Got Spring Fever yet?


  1. You go Mama Jill!
    Sorry your boy is sick :O(.
    How did you like that hat pattern?

    1. I found it fit a bit small but it was easy to knit and the flower is ridiculous! Some little girl will think it's so much fun :)

  2. I love your Tuck! Hey, I got your email about the book, no problem and I am sorry for the delay.
    Have a good weekend.


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