Friday, February 17, 2012

Along the River Bank

I've been off on a bit of a sock knitting adventure lately.

It was inspired by this post and then kicked into action by this post.

I took some yarn that I bought for a project (it didn't work out) and used it to make these socks instead...

Now this yarn is Cascade Heritage Paints #9931. It has no colour name so I made one up. I call these my River Bank Socks on Ravelry. I used 2.75mm dpns because those are what got me gauge. This pattern was super easy to use as per Susan's style and produces a fun, simple sock...

My goal is to use up those unloved skeins of fingering weight in my stash on socks... but I went and looked through my fingering weight bin the other day and I don't really have very many skeins of unloved yarn. Most of them are perfect for mittens and shawls and projects of that sort. I am sadly lacking in wildly variegated yarn.

So Nicky (momoffour) on Ravelry came to the rescue and sent me a little gift package earlier this week. In our group Itty Bitty Knits we call these RAK's (random acts of kindness).

She sent me some wonderful things from New Jersey, a key chain, some postcards, a funny little fact book. I also got some lovely stitch markers, a hilarious little pin that says "hanging with my gnomies", and yarn.

Sock yarn. In clown barf colours called Sour Ball. It's Lion Brand Sock Ease and I've never knit with it before. It's destined to be knit into my next pair of socks. Thank you Nicky! It's perfect!

I think I might just knit another pair of plain vanilla socks. But I'm also itching to try a few different patterns. I'll leave you today with a few of them I'd like to tackle this year. Cheers!

This pattern is called Tintern Abbey and it's by Brenda Dayne. It's so lovely!

These are the Netherfield Socks by Kristi Schueler.

And these ones by Handepande are called Broken Seed Stitch Socks.

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  1. I like the first pattern and the third.
    You rock Mrs. Jill. Your projects are so fun to read about and look at; such eye candy.
    I like how you came up w/your own name for your latest pair of socks. How do you stay motivated to whip through sock #2?


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