The Tale of the Epic Sock Yarn Blanket

Way back, when I wasn't quite finished with the last crochet blanket I was already thinking of my next blanket project. I wanted a pattern that could use up all those odd bits of fingering weight yarn that were getting tangled in the bottom of my bins. I figured I had enough to get a good chunk done on a sock yarn blanket.

Bee Keepers Quilt photo by Tiny Owl Knits

I was looking at the Bee Keepers Quilt and while I think it's very cute, I don't think it's me somehow. So then I thought about other sock yarn blankets I'd seen on Ravelry...

Sock Yarn Blanket photo by shellykang

Apple Core Blanket photo by Rosemily

Barn Raising Quilt photo by MoreThanOneWay

I decided that I really like the Barn Raising Quilt and I will make one one day but due to the small bits and pieces I have to use up I'd start on the Sock Yarn Blanket. It's basically a mitered square blanket. Super easy to knit and the squares are perfect to tuck into my purse.

I cast on February 8th and knit a few test squares. They were tiny! I doubled the cast on to make 4 inch squares. So each square cast on is 65 stitches.

I also thought about how I wanted the blanket to look. The random colour thing is very fun but I'm not after fun, I'm after lock her up, she's crazy! I found some great pictures on Pinterest of trees that I like and a whole bunch of Celtic artwork.

the whole mosaic thing but with buttons!

seriously lovely

I'd like to attempt something like these but in blanket form. I'm thinking big tree, night on one side of it with stars and a moon, and on the other side of the trunk, day time, sun and clouds... See... I'm crazy. I can see it in my head so clearly though... How the heck I'm going to make this, I have no idea... Creatively, I'm totally excited!

I measured my bed and realized I need 450 squares to make a blanket that will cover it. That's where the Epic part of the blanket comes in... I don't currently have enough sock yarn to make this, and time wise it'll take me years to complete. Good thing I'm not in a hurry. Crazy people rarely are...


  1. You have a great vision here Jill. I'll be excited to watch it evolve and form.

  2. A lady in my knit group did the the squares & made a sweater. Very pretty & colorful. Nice to have you blogging again!


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