Friday, March 9, 2012

Granny Stripes Blanket

It took me ages to finish this crochet blanket but I finally did last week.

When I first learned to knit my in-laws gave me tubs of yarn. It was great stuff for making baby items and blankets, bright, fun, and washable. So I started making preemie hats for charity and crocheted a blanket for the Superstar. I still had tubs of the stuff... Really, it's a lot of acrylic!

Mr. Man asked why he didn't have a blanket for his bed... Poor little guy right? Of course I jumped into this blanket project right away. I took some (actually a lot) of inspiration from Raili's blog. She crochets these amazing creations and gives them away! I used the pattern from Lucy of Attic 24's blog because crochet and I don't really do well together.

She writes great easy to follow patterns with tutorials! Love those! This blanket ate lots of yarn and my one bin is empty, the other is half full. I think there may be another blanket worth of yarn in there. I still need a blanket for the spare room... and maybe one for the couch... 


  1. Love the blankie! Excellent use of the tubs of yarn!! :D

  2. Man, you are so patient lady. A very cool, excellente blanket. I liked how it ate up a tub of yarn. Acrylic rocks for kids.


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