Finishing Friday Except it's Monday

Friday was a big day for me. I finished 5 projects that really just needed seaming and ends woven in. I told you about finishing Benji in my last post. Here are the other 4.

This is the Pasha Hat by Jane Richmond. I knit this in some great yarn called Queensland Collection Rustic Wool DK. I love this colourway, it's dark grey but with lighter bits and it looks so nice! I need a model to show this hat off properly but she was away at a basketball tournament this weekend.

I finally wove in the ends on these Snowbird Mittens. The pattern is in the book Vogue Knitting: Mittens and Gloves. I bought this a few years ago for one pattern and I have the yarn for it, but I haven't knit it yet. I started with these instead and they're cute. I messed up on the snow mitten at the top of one of the trees. Can you see it? It actually has the power to drive me crazy that I didn't catch it before. Now they're blocked and finished and I'm giving them to the library for next year's winter raffle.

I finished Trudy's Mittens for Trudy at the post office. I think they may be too small but they're warm and fun and a great stash buster. The pattern is a free one on this blog. This is the second time I've knit this pattern and it's great. I'd knit another pair for sure.

Finally I wove in the ends on the Dragon Oak Mittens. This is an Alana Dakos pattern of Nevernotknitting fame. She has some really amazing patterns out there and this one is very fun to knit. I like the cabled leaf and the way the increases and decreases form the border around the leaf.

What I don't like is the way the leaf cants to side. I find myself constantly tugging it over to the center. The thumb also pulled the palm fabric. So the mittens feel funny to me. The Superstar tried them on and she thought I was crazy. They're also a gift knit.

I bet you think that's all... but...

I still have a pile of projects waiting for finishing. Looks like next Friday will be a Finishing Friday too!


  1. Had to laugh -- I bought the Vogue Mittens book to make the exact same pair of mittens -- and mine aren't finished either!

  2. Wow, you did get a lot of awesomeness accomplished!!

  3. Wow-wee! You go Jill! Fabulous FOs. No, I cannot see where you messed up but I drives the creator bonkers but not those who view it. How sweet you're gifting it to a library raffle.

  4. whoa, an FO bonanza! isn't it great to get a bunch of knits all finished and photographed? they all look amazing!! I love that Pasha hat.

  5. Wow, beautiful projects Jill!! I especially like the mittens from the Vogue book, they are gorgeous! Way to go on finishing up some WIPs, I need to work on that sometime soon, the pile is getting kinda big....

  6. You forgot to add your awesome socks to the finished list.


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