Something New

I started a new project yesterday. The Plain and Simple Sweater has been in my queue for ages and this year I picked up some lovely Knit Picks Palette yarn in Verdant Green.

Andrea from the NWTs gave me some caribou antler buttons in the cupcake swap that I think will work beautifully. I'm pretty stoked.

I got about half an inch of 3x3 ribbing done last night. I'm hoping to get a few more inches finished today.

On the kid front, the Superstar is finished volleyball for the season. Her team played on Wednesday against Wolseley and Grenfell. They kicked Wolseley in the buttocks but just lost to Grenfell. It was a close game and fun to watch.

Basketball starts next month and next week Mr. Man starts swimming lessons in the city. I'll be sure to post some skinny shivering little kid pictures.

Two more notes...

Happy Birthday Mom, even though it was a few days ago. Miss you!

And it's Remembrance Day here today. I'm grateful to all the people who have made it possible for me to blog (rather badly lately). I'll be spending today thinking about the people who are fighting to keep my family safe and free. To those who died to make it so...

thank you.


  1. What a great pattern! Can't wait to see your finished one!

  2. Cool yarn. That sweater will be so awesome when you're done knitting it up!


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