Knitting Class

Oh, I wish I was taking one but no, I'm teaching one instead. Alice and I are helping the Grade 9 Art teacher at our local high school teach the kids how to knit preemie hats. It's surprisingly fun.

We have a good mix of guys and gals and they all seem to be having fun with the knitting. I'm shocked frankly. I thought for sure someone would pull the "I'm too cool for this" card, but no one has. In fact, there are some fantastic budding knitters in this class!

I'm showing them how to knit flat and decrease for the top. We'll seam the hats after they're done. I'd like to have taught them to knit in the round but buying 18 sets of circs would get too expensive. We're also using bargain brand acrylic which is cheap and can survive the hospital laundry system.

They've done 3 classes and most have an inch or so of garter stitch on their needles. I'm pretty impressed! I've heard rumors that kids are knitting in math class and some have even taken their knitting home to work on!

I can't wait for the next class!


  1. Kids of any age can have such noble hearts, especially for babies. Awesome thing you're doing here Jill.

  2. That is super cool! I love seeing the photos of the students all in the desks with a ball of yarn and needles. Must be very satisfying for you!


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