Friday, September 2, 2011

FO's - Adrift in the Night

I seem to like to post on Fridays. Unfortunately I have so much to say this time, such a post would go on and on!  I guess I need to set aside some time thru the week to blog. I'll do my best, but no promises, school starts on Tuesday and September is always such a busy time.

I really wanted to show off the Superstar's room but her front door isn't on yet and I haven't got her curtains up. It also looks like an alien invasion attempt happened right in her room. I wonder if all almost 13 year olds have that problem! I'll try to get everything done this weekend and get a post up next week to show you how cool that room is, the best in the house right now.

I can share with you a knitting project though. I finished my Adrift Cardigan by Carol Feller. I called it Adrift in the Night since it's knit in black Malabrigo Sock yarn on size 3.25mm needles. I didn't use all 3 skeins of yarn, I still have more than half a skein left. I should have knit the arms first and then knit the body. I could have added some length and used up all the yarn that way. I'm sure I'll find a use for this yarn somewhere though, it's great stuff.

I did a few mods mainly around not getting gauge. It was small, my gauge, but I figured I could fudge along as this cardi is a generously loose fit in the pattern schematics. If you browse the finished projects for this pattern on Ravelry you'll see most are very loose and flowing. I wanted to have that look without doing all that knitting and also have it just a little more fitted. So that is my rambling reason why I chose to keep the small gauge.

I didn't do all the waist decreases. There were too many for what I wanted and although I did add a bit of length, I could have used another few inches.

I'm not so sure about the short rows at the neck. It really feels (now) like it was unnecessary. I probably wouldn't do them again. 

I think I knit an extra small and the arms are a bit tight to prove it. They relaxed enough that I don't feel the need to reknit them but I'm not sure they would fit over a t-shirt. Because they were so tight when I was knitting them I didn't do a single sleeve decrease. I would definitely pick up more stitches and knit them just a bit looser next time. I also knit a 3/4 length which isn't a mod as the pattern gives you the choice.

I'm so glad I got this cardi done! The evenings are starting to cool right down here and even my garden is getting ready for the end of growing season. This is the perfect weather for this cute little sweater.

Peace out! Ha ha, I can so hear the Superstar telling me what a geek I am right now! Snort!

Don't you just love that skirt though? I bought it on 13th Ave in Regina at a little store where I usually buy my hats (I like hats). It's a silk sari skirt and a wrap around one. I adore it!


  1. First of all, you look just fantastic Mamasita!
    Second of all, Adrift came out beautifully. Love the drape and fit. Great insight on the process which I hope you post in your project page's notes.

  2. I have 6 hanks for Cascade 220 in black just waiting to be worked up into a basic throw on cardigan. This might be the one. Thanks for the inspiration. I LOVE your skirt, too. I love skirts like you love hats.

    susan b anderson

  3. You are such a cutie! Even if you are a geek. ;) Aren't all moms?

    I love your sweater and your skirt! When I saw the first pic before I even started reading I wondered if you were going to tell us about the sweater you knit or the skirt you sewed. ;)


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