WIPs - Adrift

I've been slogging away on this lightweight sweater pattern by Carol Feller for the last week. It's slow going because it's sock weight yarn knit on 3.75mm needles. Lots and lots of stockinette.

I like it though, it's mindless and simple and oddly meditative. Kind of what I'm looking for right now.

The pattern is called Adrift and there are almost 250 projects on Ravelry. I really admire a few example which you can see linked on the bottom of my Rav project page, here. I'm not making any mods so far, although my gauge is off (too small) and the yarn I'm using is a sock not a lace weight. I'm knitting the smallest size and trying it on as I go so I'm holding on to faith and simple math that everything will work out.

The yarn I'm using is Malabrigo Sock in Black. I like working with Malabrigo and one day I'll branch out and work with the worsted weight.

I'm also getting impatient about some yarn I ordered (I have 3 or 4 orders held up somewhere in the postal system). I don't know whether it's politically correct to be thankful that the postal workers are being legislated back to work (especially because I'm only waiting for yarn) but there you have it. I ordered some Sanguine Gryphon and I've never used it before. I have the perfect pattern lined up and I can not wait to get started!

Hope your Thursday is a good one (Thursday's are my Friday at work so it's always a good day for me)!



  1. Is sock yarn one step above lace yarn?
    Oh boy what patience you have!

  2. Your project reminds of an oldie I used to listen to back in the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AOVf9p9ht4 PM Dawn's Set Adrift on Memory Bliss. :O)

  3. I loved PM Dawn! They were so good! Thanks for the reminder!


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