Random Tuesday, cause it is...

So I woke up this morning to a cool drizzly, grey morning, the kind that feels like summer is ending.

You know the one... that morning where you smell the bite of winter coming.

I was a bit bummed. Winter is a long season around here and while we got off to a rocky start, this summer has been everything a summer should be. It's been full of sun, and storms, change and growth and fun.

Mr. Man got a new backpack that he won't take off, ever...

My avocado pit is finally growing... and although the hollyhocks along my neighbor's back porch aren't as lovely as past years, I still love seeing them when I glance out my kitchen window...

And I finally got around to frenching, blanching, and freezing some beans from the garden tonight...

Thank goodness the sun came out today and while it didn't get scorching hot, it still turned out to be a lovely day.

Cheers to summer, I'm not letting go yet!


  1. Cool here too, in morning, not looking forward to winter, last years was too long, canning this week, but my garden is poor, one tomato thats ripe and a couple cucs so far. Your garden looks great.

  2. I LOVE summer and have to agree with you about holding tight to it:)

  3. What lovely beans! I can hear the snap!


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