The Rug

I started a rag rug last week out of some old Barbie and Bratz bed sheets that don't fit the Superstar's new bed (and she's totally outgrown Barbie now anyway). I was pretty excited and this is what it looked like...

I was less than thrilled. I think my crochet hook was too small and I increased too much along the curves so it made this terrible wave. No matter how I pulled and tugged and I really pulled and tugged, this rug would not lie flat. So we went to the fair...

I bought a huge crochet hook in the city, frogged the whole thing and started again, using this you-tube video. Thank goodness for you-tube I tell you!

The second attempt is much better. I'm paying attention to my increases and the rug is turning out great! I love how fast it is to make. I'm not finished yet though, it needs more purple and maybe some more pink...

These are addictive and what a great way to use up old sheets or t-shirts! They also look great all over my old house! I'll be making more for sure. In fact Mr. Man asked for one for his room.


  1. Awesome!! I've got the hook already and way too much fabric stash...I need to get HOOKIN'

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. WOW!!!! LOVE IT!!! How did you make the "yarn"?

  3. Just smartness goin' on there.

  4. Great, my Mom used to make them all the time, you will have to show me how!!


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