Sunday, August 14, 2011

Renos are fun Right?

So this is what I got up to on my 2 weeks off work...

This is the Superstar's room. We promised her that it would be next on our reno list and since she's away at Grandma and Grandpa's for the summer (well part of it anyway) we decided to git her done.

These pictures are pre-primer. I got all the wallpaper off (really, there were layers and layers of the stuff. It was even on the ceiling) and B got the cracks mudded and roughed out her new closet. Amazing how much work this all is.

The Superstar picked a lovely teal colour for her walls and after I got the primer on and the ceiling painted a very bright white, I slapped it on. I'd show you but today is very overcast and that room is super dark right now.

I'll be painting the baseboards and B is putting up the closet frame and doors this weekend and then, hopefully I can paint those, do some touch ups, and then paint the floor. B will wire the fan/light and get all the plugs finished (she went from one plug-in and no overhead light to 4 plug-ins and a big fan/light).

Then it's time to move the furniture in... get the drapes up, the bed made and her stuff back in place before she gets back next week.

Think we can do it?


  1. You can do it!
    I admire your determination, organization, and love for your daughter to do this. I'm excited to see the transformation!
    I was supposed to clean out the office and then reno it a bit for my eldest who wants her own room away from her irritating little sister. Sigh...that isn't happening anytime soon.

  2. looking great, alot of work, and Super Star will be thrilled with her new room


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