Saturday, August 13, 2011

Buffalo Days

We took Mr. Man to the Regina Buffalo Days last weekend. He was super excited to go to his first big fair. Big is a bit of an understatement I think!

The bumper cars were the first ride the boys tried and Mr. Man loved them.

We walked a lot and played a carnival game, Mr. Man won a leopard stuffy. Then I spotted the corn dogs. I have a weakness for corn dogs!

We had to try the Merry-Go-Round. It's a classic. I thought it was funny how tightly he held on at first, by the end of the ride he was waving at me as they went by.

B created a roller coaster monster in Mr. Man. They went on all the "kids" roller coasters and he giggled and laughed through every one (Mr. Man, not B, although he was pretty delighted too).

The rain threatened all afternoon and there were a few big splashes when we were standing in line for this ride. B wanted me to go on it but I took one look and said I'd rather stand in the rain. Then I took a picture, it was so funny.

Mr. Man played another carnival game and won. He pumped his little fist and yelled "YES!". It was adorable!

We had a great afternoon. There was lots we didn't see though, a big vendor area and different acts on stage to watch. More greasy carnival food to eat...

Like these ribbon fries. Looked good, tasted good, but oh, the grease... And that was enough for us! We'll be back next year!

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  1. Looks like fun, am sure B and you had as much fun as Mr Man. Aren't fairs' great.


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