FO - Sweet Jazz

Mary Rose on Ravelry gifted me with this pattern and I had to drop everything and knit it. So I did!

I had a skein of TFA in Deep Sea left over from my tank top and I knew this would make a beautiful scarf. Unfortunately I didn't read the yarn requirements properly and I really thought one skein would be enough, after all, most shawls on Rav are the one skein variety. Or at least the ones I've knit.

So I had to get creative and search the yarn store for something that would work. I found a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock in a cream/beige colourway that I thought wouldn't look too terrible and really the contrast is pretty slick. I was able to knit all the lace in TFA and finish the last 2 rows in the Noro.

I've had great luck with stretchy bind offs lately and so I thought I'd try the EZ sewn bind off... If some of you  are thinking I'm crazy or if you're rolling on the floor laughing at me right now, where the heck were you when I was ready to bind off? I sure could have used the warning!

750 stitches are a lot to bind off...  to many to use this method... the yarn kept tangling, splitting, shedding and generally was a real pain in the rump.

Never use this bind off on this shawl... you will cry... especially as it took me over 8 hours to do (I'm so not exaggerating here)!

I had a bugger of a time blocking this (steam blocking isn't a very exact science) so the scarf has a ruffle. Seeing as there is a bit of a ruffle trend going on right now, I'm not overly concerned with stretching it out.

Thankfully I bought the perfect shawl pin at the Folk Festival a few weeks ago...

Also this scarf is long... really long...

Ok, so I'm complaining... but I'm finished now... it really is a fabulous thing this sweet jazz... I'm thinking of knitting another but in eye popping purple and bright green (I'm insane, must be the heat) ... it would go wonderfully with my charcoal peacoat...


  1. How beautiful! The blue is stunning and I love the accent yarn, it was meant to be. The pin is just AWESOME!!

  2. The color combo is terrific! I'm reminded of the sea with white, wave foam.

  3. It's so beautiful!!I love the contrasting bind off, and the shawl pin is so pretty.

  4. You're not crazy, you just know what you like! :) You're are so speedy with your shawls - I wish I had as many in my closet as I'm sure you have in yours! :)

    Thanks for the heads up on that bind off technique. I tend to go with whatever the pattern gives instruction for, but I've been leaning towards a more stretchy bind off lately.

    Beautiful job! :)


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