Summer Solstice

So my solstice looks like this...

This is what my neighbours garden looks like, only feet away from my own (which isn't under water yet)...

Seriously since Friday we've gotten over 5 inches of rain. So much that everything is flooding again.

There's water in my basement... again...

Roads are closed and people are stuck out on their farms... again...

The rain is supposed to fall all day today but maybe not tomorrow...

Okay summer... anytime now...


  1. Oh no :O(. Does it usually rain this much in your area?

  2. Oh no!! I hope the water dries up soon, there's been so much flooding already this year!!

  3. Oh man! That's what it was like in May here. I hope it dries out soon!! :)

  4. I know! The prairies are supposed to trade great summer sun for the windchill months. I want my fair trade!

  5. Yup I'm more than tired of the water. The mosquitoes are a fright too! Who knew they could pick up and carry off small children and pets?!


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