Congrats Superstar on awards night last week! You made the honour role (yahoo!) and you were up on stage for Basketball, Volleyball, Drama, Track, SRC, SADD, and I'm sure I'm missing something. Sorry! Anyway, we're so proud of you! Wow!

Take a nice relaxing summer break and then, keep up the hard work and volunteering!

 The next night was band concert and your play! Band was about as thrilling as it always is...

But the play! You kids did a play called "ths phne 2:0: the next generation". It was hilarious! You were awesome! Great! Epic! Your role of Ms. Noosum was funny and cute. I loved it!

Congrats on an amazing grade 7 year! What a spash you've made at high school this year! I can't wait to see what you get up to next year!


  1. What a well-rounded daughter you have! She's also super cute and love those glasses on her.


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